Drug Policy

Sean Hannity: "It's a 100 percent certainty. Crack addicts will kill to get more crack."


And as long as we're throwing out fake statistics: It's 90 percent certain that when argued into a corner, drug warriors will just start making shit up.

The video below is another segment from John Stossel's show on the drug war, which aired Thursday night.

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  1. So, logically, we should minimize the chance that they will need to kill to get the crack, and accordingly legalize it. Because if they can’t get it without killing, it’s 100% certain they will kill to get it!

    1. Legalizing does not make it free. But Hannity’s argument is still strange.

      1. Minimize is not a synonym for eliminate.

      2. If by “strange” you mean batshit loco, then yes.

    2. Can drug warriors resist making shit up? My answer would be a resounding no.

  2. And this wave of crack-caused murders is reflected in crime statistics where?

    1. Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. All of the military drones run on crack.

      1. Clearly you do not know many real “military drones.” They run and survive on poggie bait..

  3. America wouldn’t have such a crippling deficit if we didn’t need to spend trillions to care for the billions of CRACK BABIES.

  4. Sean Hannity, still a pig-ignorant douchebag: film at 11.


    1. Correction: A smug, self-righteous, pig-ignorant douchebag.

    2. Sir, as a homesteader who raises two delightful pigs, I take offense. Pigs, in general, are far less ignorant than Mr. Hannity.

      1. Two Words: Bacon.

        oh, and Bacon.

  5. It’s 90 percent certain that when argued into a corner, drug warriors will just start making shit up.

    Radley, I think you’re substantially underestimating the pervasive intellectual dishonest of the War on Drugs. 90%? No way it’s that low.


    1. The 10% is for people who parrot pre made-up stuff because they aren’t smart enough to make up their own bullshit.

      1. Hey, I’ve proven time and time again that it’s not just self-righteous right-wingers who support the War on Drugs – after all, I’m a supporter as well!

        Oh, and I can get away without paying all my taxes. Because I’m a black liberal politician. We can get away with ALL kinds of shit.

    2. “”Radley, I think you’re substantially underestimating the pervasive intellectual dishonest of the War on Drugs. 90%? No way it’s that low.””

      I think any debate on percentage involves the numbers to the right of the decimal point. It’s 99.????%

  6. Just when O’Rielly seems to be the hugest douchebag, Hannity steps in to compete. What a fucking ape.

    1. Why do you hate apes so much? You should not insult them by comparing them to Hannity.

      1. Because if I call him a retard or a moron, I insult retards and morons. I can’t win.

        1. You could refer to him as a “congressman-level intellect.”

          1. Wait, what if I referred to him as “Canadian-level intellect”? Insulting Canadians is perfectly OK, eh?

            1. Of course.

              When in doubt, blame Canada! (Or Mexico, if the Mexican border is closer.)

              1. You fucking polite douchebag Canadian, I insult you and you roll right with it. What do I have to do to anger you?!? Take away your Timbits and your double double?

                1. Roll up the rimjob.

                2. Touch my Maple Poutine Timbit and you die!

                  1. I found a dead mouse in my bottle of Elsinore… can I get my money back?

                    1. You’re a pig-fucker, Philip!

                3. Aren’t you practically living in Canada?

                  By the way, didn’t realize that you and Warty were like some kind of dynamic duo.

            2. Canada, America’s hat

        2. I want to start an Anti-Defamation League for Pond Scum, Real SockPuppets, Pigs, etc.

    2. hugest douchebag award goes to Matthews as runner up right behind you.

      1. Hey look, JohnSukiRealDoll insulted me! It’s like a retard calling me stupid; I just don’t know how to respond. Do I pat it on the head?

    3. Sir, you offend me!

  7. No Irish guy with that girth is “not a big drinker”

    1. I really like Hannity’s Clintonesque “I drink, but I don’t get a buzz” comments. Sure,Sean. Then after you don’t drink and Clinton doesn’t inhale you both head out to not pick up women.

  8. Sean’s arguments remind me of those I’ve had with a couple of my dealers. As an aside, it’s interesting to have a debate with someone who’s selling to you where you have to take the pro-drug/legalization side.

    1. That’s amazing – especially coming from someone who would do years in prison if they were caught.

      I’ve run into the occasional drug user who argued against legalization, (one because he thought the price [of pot] would go up once it was taxed) but never a dealer.

      1. Well, to be fair it wasn’t usually for the drug they were selling. Mostly they just thought meth made people crazy, but pot or ecstasy was fine. But I do know pot dealers who stand to lose out financially if it’s legalized and clinics start popping up.

        1. It’s like with the California Prison Guard Union. Anyone who wants consensual crimes to remain illegal so they can continue to profit, while people who haven’t violated the rights of others are being thrown people in prison, is a scumbag.

          As far as Hannity is concerned, I wonder if he was/is a crack head. He seems to be certain about specific aspects of the culture. Also, I can see him murdering a little old lady to steal her money for a $20 rock. Also, it would explain a lot about his personality.

          1. I’ve done that, but only back when I was a right-winger. Now, I just suck Olbermann’s cock.

            1. I thought it was Maddow’s cock that Hammity was puffing on.

  9. It’s a 100 percent certainty. Hannity will kill (albeit by proxy) for the sake of the nationalism he and his ilk mistake for liberty.

    1. No fair predicting past events.

      1. But they’re the easiest to predict, no fair!

  10. Sean Hannity knows his stuff. If you’re gonna pick a statistic, aim for the fences. Don’t give your guest even a half fucking percent to work with.

    One hundred ten percent of all go-getters know that.

    1. +1

        1. How do you know Hannity’s BAC?

          1. Because I have it on good authority that Rush Limbaugh always reels away drunk after sucking Hannity off.

    2. Five-fourths of Americans have trouble with fractions.

    3. 27% of statistics are made up on the spot

      1. I read that it was closer to 78%.

        1. 14% of all people make that mistake

          1. About half of the time.

  11. Isn’t there some law that essentially explicitly directs the drug control office to lie about/withhold information that could possibly lead to legalization? If anyone ever thought that Hannity had an argument, that should render it completely impotent.

  12. At least Hannity is consistent. He DOES believe that his mentor, Rush, should be in jail right now for abusing Oxycontin, right? And that W should have gone to jail for his drug use, right?

  13. “This video is unavailable.”

  14. Seems pretty reasonable to me dude, I mean seriously.


    1. We’ll see what your saying when the pigs find your opium stash.

  15. OT: I found this tidbit from ESPN’s NFL blog about the way the Vikings are handling the Brett Favre situation to be interesting, not just from a football perspective, but from a journalism in general perspective. Can you imagine the emboldened part being applied to a political reporter, or any “real news” reporter, in dealing with the statements of government officials these days?

    In explaining why Favre missed last weekend’s mandatory veteran minicamp, coach Brad Childress suggested Favre is still “batting around retirement in his mind.” To put it nicely, I would classify that explanation as less than the full story.

    Look, we in the media — and, in turn, fans at large — get lied to all the time while covering the NFL. Teams have morphed into propaganda machines that play cat-and-mouse with the simplest points of information. (I find that approach particularly amusing when teams seeking public funding for new stadiums refer to themselves as civic institutions, but I digress.)

    I get it. That’s the way this league works. Many of us media types would be out of a job if no reporting, translation or interpretation was needed. In this instance, however, I’m hoping the right people will step up and tell us the truth when Favre misses training camp — rather than play us for the history-challenged fools they probably think we are.

    1. rather than play us for the history-challenged fools they probably think know we are.

      That about sums it up.

    2. I find that approach particularly amusing when teams seeking public funding for new stadiums refer to themselves as civic institutions, but I digress.

      No no, do continue, please.

  16. Stossel has quite the ‘stache. Is it time for the Stossel’s ‘Stache to fight Gillespie’s Jacket?

    1. I’m surprised Gillespie’s jacket had the nerve to show up after getting its ass kicked right out of Cleveland by Drew Carey’s blazer.

      1. Fuck you.

        1. *punctuated with an angry zip*

  17. Well, I’ve tried most drugs, some I liked quite a bit (LSD, pot, ‘shrooms, heroin) and some I could take or leave (cocaine, speed) but none were so compelling that I ever became addicted and all were easy to give up. I drink quite a bit, and if offered I’ll take a hit off a joint, pipe or bong, but I never buy illegal drugs .. no interest in the trouble.

    And the vast majority of people I consumed those drugs with grew up and became responsible members of society. And not a one became an addict. I think Stossel’s stats are correct.

    1. I knew several people who were really into coke during the late 80’s, but none of them ever became addicts.

      I think the addict is the exception to the rule. Sadly, it’s presented like everyone who does drugs become an addict, even in movies that are ostensibly anti-WoD. (I thought Traffic was pretty fucking stupid).

      It would be interesting to see people’s reactions if they watched programs or movies where everyone who ever drank became alcohol addicts, begging for change, and prostituting themselves for a drink.

      1. I think Real Statistics, the kind with research to back them up, show that the addict is the exception to the rule.


    2. There are many notable, if much more hypocritical, examples of those who somehow made it through the mine field of recreational chemicals and survived and prospered. America is in the business of hysteria, whether it’s drugs or sex of terrorism. we, apparently can not be happy without some phantom monster to slay.

    3. Next time, try using coke as a suppository, you may like it better.

      By the by, your friends complain about the fact you’re such a fucking mooch.

      1. HA! If I were not the one who supplied most of the materials you might be onto something…..

    4. The bitch set me up!

  18. Will someone please think of the children?

    1. Oh, poor dear, if you’re going to troll that line, you really need to pour out some self-righteous, sanctimonious crap as a lead-in.

      Thanks for playing and better luck next time.

      1. Simpson’s reference not troll.

        1. Im guessing juris doesnt know who Helen Lovejoy is.

          1. HA HA!

          2. Kids these days don’t even know where their cliches/memes come from, *sigh*.

  19. Children are worth less than one percent of their weight in crack.

  20. I’m conflicted on this issue. Where is juanita to deliver the black-and-white clarity about how the deadliness of drugs justifies any and every conceivable government violation of individual rights and sovereignty?

    Or does she only appear on pot threads?

  21. Ahhh Fox News, can you ever check your sources or at least try to be less of a tool for the conservatives? And Sean Hannity is the same douchebag that said personal recording devices to record cops should be banned: http://lawblog.legalmatch.com/…..he-police/ What a jerk.

    1. Stossel is Fox News. Well, at least business news.

      1. Which is why I REALLY want him to be transferred over to FNC. The other pundits on the channel wouldn’t know WHAT to do. No longer would they be a unified front. They’d have this HERETIC in their midst to deal with.

  22. It’s 90 percent certain that when argued into a corner, drug warriors will just start making shit up.

    Sadly, street drug users do that too when they don’t need to.

  23. It seems that fox news (and other news orgs too) is starting to lean towards legalization with the Cali ballot looming on the horizon. I swear that none of these guys honestly believe what they’re saying, its just Murdoch “whispering” into their ears. Well now he’s starting to see the green in legal weed and he’s slowly jumping on the bandwagon.


      1. I’ve got a Masonic power ring that I inherited from my grandfather. With it, I’m granted admission to underground cities and to the Masonic Moonbase.

        1. Not bad! My uncle left me his Knights of Columbus sword. With your ring and my sword we should duel it out sometime for dominion over the world!

          Wait . . . that is exactly what the Illuminati would want us to do, isn’t it, those fucking devious bastards would just pull a Mao on us by attacking the victor while he is at his weakest.

          We’ll show them when they see that instead of dueling you treat me to several rounds of imported beer instead. I like the plan, good of you to come up with it. Capital idea!

          1. Told myself, ‘not going to add a second ‘instead’, not going to add a second ‘instead’, as I gradually inched towards that sentence. Poor word had not a chance in Hell of not being duplicated.

          2. With your ring and my sword we should duel it out sometime for dominion over the world!

            Because working together for that goal is for pussies, right?

            1. I was going to hoodwink him into buying a few rounds of beer to dampen the power of that mighty ring. It’s easier to slice and dice than it is to cast spells when drunk.

              At least with 2nd Edition rules, I don’t know about after.

  24. It’s a 100 percent certainty, I would kick Hannity’s crack for hours on end and then kick his crack some more.

  25. I’m a crack addict, and I haven’t killed anybody…………….yet.

  26. Clearly being a total imbecile never prevented anyone from succeeding in…whatever the hell it is Sean Hannity is supposed to do. It never prevented anyone from being a “notable” public personality.

    1. If Fox News and North Korea have a lot in common:

      They both systematically distort the truth. Organizationally, they both have rigid authoritarian hierarchies. They both work hard to convince the public that they are always under threat from enemies that hate us. They both project the image of their respective nations as superior to all others. They both love torture, nuclear weapons,and vulgar displays of power, and they both have close connections to communist China: http://www.piratenews.org/fox-…..china.html

    2. Hannity becoming a pundit, or whatever the hell he is, is just life imitating art (see A Face in the Crowd).

      1. However, I’m not laughing anymore:

        The Communist Connection Glenn Beck Doesn’t Want to Talk About:




        Murdoch’s Dealings in China: It’s Business, and It’s Personal:


        I can’t wait for an article entitled: “Three Reasons Why Rupert Murdoch Kissing Up to the Chinese Communist Party is No Big Deal” Well, I’ll start things off: 1) George W. Bush did it and that certainly turned out swell!

        Well, Reason. I’m waiting.

        1. Reason Editors, it has been over an hour since Fox News is a Joke demanded that you tell him the truth about Fox News, and Rupert Murdoch and the ChiComs, and you haven’t shown any response. It may be Sunday evening, but is that an excuse? Does Fox News is a Joke have to come by your office and picket outside tomorrow morning, or would you like to come clean now? What are you waiting for?

          1. The real question is what are they hiding?

            1. I would love to see the look on their faces turning from smug to shocked when Fox News is a Joke pours kerosene over his head and lights a match later this morning. Right, Fox News is a Joke? You are going to do it, right?

              1. I suppose your attitude wouldn’t be so flippant if we were talking about CNN or MSNBC. That’s OK, Fox News will keep all the good American patriots scared shitless that there’s a terrorist, or even just a Muslim, (well it doesn’t matter, they can’t tell the difference anyway) hiding in a closet, while warrantless wiretapping, secret prisons, and executive power continues to expand. And of course don’t mind if the Chinese Government continues to hack the Pentagon for military secrets, hack US businesses to steal their intellectual property, and buy up US debt to pay for the needless wars that Murdoch and crew have engineered.

                Oh, don’t fret. The real threat is Obama, Acorn, the Unions, etc. They’re the real threat, they’re the communists. Ironically, they are the one’s realllly speaking out against the ChiComs. (Obama has taken a tougher stance on China that his predecessor.) But regardless the good Patriots have bought into the Fox News narrative. And Murdoch, and the ChiComs, are laughing all the way to they bank.

                See the joke is really on you.

                1. About 9:41 PST, Joke, stop your yucking and light that fucker up.

                2. Since I’m feeling merciful, I’m going to clue you in to the reason why at the very best you deserve nothing more than flippant responses to your idiocy.

                  If the news of day happened to be Rupert Murdoch was suffering from a metastasized hemorrhoid, 90% of us would be laughing it up. That includes the staff.

                  You have this bizarre notion that you are on a Republican site. You are like a rock star yelling out, ‘I love you, Cleveland!’ when you are playing Honolulu. That is how clueless you are.

                  1. At 12:42pm you can’t resist getting in another jab. Evidently your obsession over my post grew, and 24 minutes later you have to get in another 2 cents worth of flippancy, before I even responded. I shudder to think what went on in your head during that interval.

                    1. Why shudder? Are you that big a pussy? Fraid of thoughts?

                      Hate crimes!!!

                      There you are riding back in, stepping out of your clown mobile, trying to make an issue out of someone commenting on your comments, and you do it, by what? By making a comment!

                      It must be exhausting to live with your depth of stupidity and lack of self awareness.

                      Poor bastard, you thought you were going to play some people with an issue that no one gives a fuck about. Instead, you get me, mocking your sorry ass.

                      You even thought Reason owed you an explanation about Fox News! LOL! You can’t make this shit up! There really people out there as dumb as you. I scanned a link you put up last night. It would have been quite shocking, in 1973! Lol! What a loser.

                      Now, run along put a match to your ass already.

  27. Was Hannity’s performance actually intended to support the WOD? His argumentation was so lame that any sensible person on the fence would reject the WOD.

    It was really pathetic. It made Tony Hayward look good by comparison.

    1. When was the last time you met a “sensible person” who had any influence at all on public policy?

  28. 100% of stupid people will say something stupid.

  29. I’m out, bitches. Nothing is getting done. I can’t take it any more.


    1. What a pity. There are so few statesmen left. I would want to leave too after dealing with teabagging obstruction for a year and a half. Thank you for your service to our country and good luck in the Chicago mayoral race.

      1. for Least Convincing Troll Ever!

        Come up to the stage, Hobbie, and tell us how you do it, and what fucked up shit in your youth causes you to do it.

        A big hand for Hobbie Hanson everybody!

      2. What a smarmy pile of dreck, Hobie. Have you no shame?

        Goodbye and good riddance, Emanuel. And go fuck yourself.

  30. Sean Hannity is so fucking stupid I’m amazed he remembers to breathe.

  31. Stossel is wrong. There are french wine cartels.


  32. When you look up “futility,” there’s a picture of Stossel arguing with Hannity.

    1. When Hannity’s latched on to an idea, you literally have to literally beat him about his literal head, litterly.

      1. MJ – good catch. That drives me crazy about him…literally.

        1. “Literally” means “actually,” a fact of reality. In Hannity’s simple little mind, stubborn ideology and faith trumps rational analysis.

      2. You have to beat him about his literal head litterly — with kitty litter, or roadside trash?

        Where do I buy tickets to be in the studio audience for this?

  33. “It’s 90 percent certain that when argued into a corner, drug warriors will just start making shit up.”

    So do “medical” marijuana supporter’s.

    There’s a good argument that pot should be legalized, but people who argue it’s efficacy as medicine try to prove too much.

    1. No, they do not. See UCLA pot study.

      1. The alleged medical benefits of marijuana are of secondary importance. One could argue that it’s immaterial to the discussion. A free American shouldn’t have to prove anything to anyone prior to ingesting a weed or a fruit or a bag of nails. When advocates take the “medical benefits” route, they open the door to state-sanctioned “expert testimony” and “official studies” that list approved, synthetic alternatives to marijuana. You want medical benefits? (they say). Here’s an FDA-approved drug, you hippie.

        1. Of course, no free individual need cite any scientific authority to justify his use of dope. However, I do think it is important for free folk to remind others of the utter unreliability of “science” pushed by those who would arrest one’s liberty.

          1. Advocates must argue from the primacy of free choice in order to defeat prohibitionists like Hannity and O’Reilly.

            1. You can’t defeat prohibitionist like Hannity and O’Reilly. That’s the way they play the game. As long as they believe they are right, any contra opinion or fact is automatically wrong.

              1. Of course we can beat them. Our rightness is more right than their rightness.

                They feel secure in the world as it is, and fight tooth and nail to keep it the way they like it, no matter the pile up of skulls, but as soon as the shit hits the fan, I’m capturing them both and selling them to an orphanage of former Thai sex slaves who’ll exact revenge on them.

    2. “”So do “medical” marijuana supporter’s.””

      To some degree, probably. But they are not making shit up for the purpose of locking people in jail.

  34. It never prevented anyone from being a “notable” public personality.

  35. ireally like this site.

  36. “Advocates must argue from the primacy of free choice in order to defeat prohibitionists.”

    Nice nail on the head and all that

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