Remembering The Great Anti-Prohibitionist Peter McWilliams, KIA in The Drug War 10 Years Ago Today


DownsizeDC's Jim Babka remembers the legacy of Peter McWilliams:

Best-selling author Peter McWilliams died ten years ago today, June 14, 2000.

I remember when I heard the news. I can still feel the sickness and anger that I felt that day.

I didn't know Peter personally, but I admired him. Some of my colleagues were good friends or acquaintances of his.

Peter was an eloquent champion of limited government and personal freedom. But his life was cut short by the War on Drugs. The federal government denied him the medication he needed to live and thrive.

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Reason on Peter McWilliams, who once memorably wrote, "The drug war doesn't need another martyr. It has too many already" as he threw himself on the mercy of a federal court.