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L.A. Pot Store Crackdown Gears Up


The draconian reductions in legally operating medical marijuana shops contained in the new L.A. ordinance whose history and background is explained in my May Reason magazine cover story appears to be going into effect this week. From the L.A. Weekly:

Los Angeles city officials were preparing this to start mailing notices to medical marijuana dispensaries warning that they have until June 7 to shut down under the city's new pot shop law, according to the City Attorney's office.

The letters will start going out Tuesday to more than 400 marijuana retailers in the city that are alleged to be in violation of the law, which prohibits the outlets from being within 1,000 feet of schools, churches, parks and other "sensitive use" sites. The ordinance, signed Friday by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, would put all but 137 pot shops out of business.

If the shops don't comply, "we could pursue crim or civil charges," City Attorney's spokesman Frank Meteljian told the Weekly.

Look for more on this later in the week right here at Reason Online.

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  1. This story can’t possibly be right because Obama changed federal law and marijuana is no longer a Schedule 1 controlled substance. The city ordinance is preempted!

    Wait, what’s that? The administration didn’t actually change shit? Fuck me.

  2. So t[pathetic dont those stupid cops have any real crime to pursue.


  3. More bad medical marijuana news from Cali:…..ities.html

  4. It great that LA’s violent crime rate is so low that they can waste their cops time like this. Also, good to know their economy is doing so well they can shut down business that are actually making money.

    Pure genius. Villaraigosa should run for President.

  5. Once this “medical” marijuana folly comes to an end there is going to be a lot of demand for treatment from the addicts.

    1. Please forgive me because I haven’t been around in a while.

      Is somebody mocking her, or is juanita really that retarded?

      1. Juanita is really that retarded. Whether the person writing behind Juanita is remains to be seen. That said, it’s best not to feed the trolls.

      2. juanita was never real. it was all a dream/nightmare.

    2. That is a spoof of wee, this is the real Juanita.

      Wuz up is Juanita!


  6. One of these days people are going to start wondering why the areas within 1,000 feet of schools, churches, parks and other “sensitive use” sites are all economically depressed.

    1. I for one know that I LOVE living near my kid’s* school. I have to drive 15mins to shop for anything, and the droves of Homelessmen (yes, one word) will be truly educational for the children.

      *yeah, “my kid”, never gonna happen. but just go along with it.

      1. OH! On the upside, it’s gonna be great for Walmart.

  7. If this ordinance forces the business to move how is it not a “taking” under the 5th/14th amendment?

  8. Can they pass a law that says anyone elected mayor may never come within 10,000 feet of a resident of LA or they will be flogged?

    1. An even better law would be that all politicians must stay confined within the place of business for whatever seat they hold, bicker amongst themselves, but leave the rest of us people who live in the real world the fuck alone. I’d even agree to pay them their current salaries to simply leave us the fuck alone. Same pay. No work. It’s a win win.

      1. I’d even agree to pay them their current salaries to simply leave us the fuck alone. Same pay. No work. It’s a win win.

        I’ve been sayin this for years.

  9. I bet everyone involved is glad they submitted all their personal and professional details to the authorities to start their shops.

    Let the Round Ups begin! Naturally, there will be too many people arrested at one time to book them with police stations, so we’ll need some sort of camp. A place were they can be concentrated to be more easily dealt with. Some sort of temporary internment.

  10. This really bothers me. If they close the pet shops, what will happen to all the kittens and turtles that live there?

    Sure, the puppies can go to the police department for target practice, and gerbils to the sex shops, but that still leaves thousands of hamsters, budgies, mice, snakes, terrapins, etc.

    Won’t someone think of the fishies?

  11. I just want to know what the hell a local entity is doing making and enforcing an already existing federal law?

  12. Will there be, you know, “going out of business” sales?

  13. This is sort of like closing the barn door after the horse has been sitting on the couch ripping bong hits for 5 years.

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