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Andrew Breitbart Offers $10,000 Prize for Anyone Who Can Document Tea Party Protesters Yelling N-Word at the Congressional Black Caucus Saturday


Considering that some of the staffers within proximity of the alleged slurs were reportedly pointing cameras toward the crowd, this would seem like easy money if the story is true. As Michael Moynihan pointed out earlier this week, the anecdote has been presented as fact all over the journalism world.

Link via Instapundit.

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  1. It’s time for the allegedly pristine character of Rep. John Lewis to put up or shut up. Therefore, I am offering $10,000 of my own money to provide hard evidence that the N- word was hurled at him not 15 times, as his colleague reported, but just once. Surely one of those two cameras wielded by members of his entourage will prove his point.

    And surely if those cameras did not capture such abhorrence, then someone from the mainstream media ? those who printed and broadcast his assertions without any reasonable questioning or investigation ? must themselves surely have it on camera. Of course we already know they don’t. If they did, you’d have seen it by now.



    I’ve been saying all along that, at best, the incident was a Dem. plant. I now see that I need to recalibrate my cynicism meter to 2010 levels.

    1. Breitbart is fucking awesome. I’ve spent my whole life thinking “why didn’t they ask him this” or “why didn’t they follow up with that” or “why don’t they show some evidence” when watching the MSM, and finally there is a guy asking those questions and presenting that information.

      1. Robert Gibbs has a recurring nightmare where he enters the press room and it’s full of nothing but Breitbart clones.

  2. Cool. Just need a green screen, a camcorder and the will to humiliate myself for all eternity by screaming “nigger,” and I got myself some sweet, sweet cash.

    1. I doubt that any such manufactured event would stand up to the scrutiny of professionals checking out the recording.

      Especially if they append some of your choice comments on H&R into evidence.

      But, nice snark.

      1. No, but we aren’t talking about pros here. We’re talking about Breitbart. The guy was still claiming James O’Keefe was dressed as a pimp in his ACORN vids months after it became clear he wasn’t.

        1. Right, because this video doesn’t exist:


          1. It was faked. The unedited version wasn’t criminal.


            1. It was very, very real. Your irrelevant article link just proves you know you’re lying and you think you can make a lie true by referring to the official statements a few known liars with greater credentials than your own. You’re busted, you child molesting bastards!

        2. “Dressed as” != “posed as”. He posed as a pimp. How witless do you have to be not to recognize the difference, and to keep nannering on about this? Or… are you a troofer too? Or perhaps a Birther? Or some other conspiracy-minded easily-swayed maroon?

          1. You’re doing an incredibly poor job of arguing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. In the first place he both dressed as AND poised as a pimp. That’s kind of how an undercover sting works: even the ACORN morons wouldn’t have bought if he’d shown up dressed as Captain John Luc Picard.

            1. I think you misunderstand. He did pose as a pimp, but the costume was a prop added later for camera appeal, I guess.

              It all seemed pretty stupid, but then so did the ACORN idiots who would even talk to those two.

              However, credit where credit is due – the video / audio recordings applied leverage where and when it was needed, and community organizers of the sort at ACORN suddenly have a much higher profile than ever before. Infamy, I think you might call it.

      2. Forget the green screen & Breitbart – use some cheap video editing software and send it to CNN or NBC and they’ll throw it on the air every 12 minutes without giving it a second look.

      3. If anyone knows faking videos it’s Briebart. As evidenced from the O’Keefe ACORN video.

        1. If anyone doesn’t know what a pathetic liar he is, that’s you. Nobody believes you, Mo. We all know you’ve swallowed gallons of ACORN’s liquid feces ever since you affixed your lips to its posterior with crazy glue.

  3. Rep. Lewis, if you can’t do that, I’ll give him a backup plan: a lie detector test. If you provide verifiable video evidence showing that a single racist epithet was hurled as you walked among the tea partiers, or you pass a simple lie detector test, I will provide a $10K check to the United Negro College Fund.

    Umm, Andrew — you DO know that sociopaths can lie and still pass lie detector tests, yeah?

    Or are you betting that Rep. Lewis is not such a proficient liar?

    1. More to the point, he has power.

      Wasn’t there a story earlier this week about a study that suggested that giving a random person a position of power decreases the stress symptoms associated with lying (said stress symptoms being what actually trigger a polygraph)?

      Breitbart needs to follow science news.

  4. reportedly

    My eyes report that video reports that they were. But I suppose that’s third-hand information.

  5. “The representative is a nig-“

    1. *bong!*

      1. “He said, the representative is near!”

    2. Excuse me while I whip this out.

  6. How dare Breitbart make elderly black men be responsible for what they say! Even if those white hicks didn’t say it, they were obviously thinking it!

    1. Heard you dad died recently. Tough shit, bitch.

    2. Thought Crime! Arrest Him!

      1. I’m on it!

      2. If they were really not racist, they would be as diverse as MSNBC’s prime time lineup!

        1. The Tea Party is a big movement. I’d be willing to bet that it, too, has a Ralph Macchio lookalike and a loon who fancies himself the reincarnation of Edward R. Murrow.

    3. You joke, but that’s going to be the argument.

  7. “some of the staffers within proximity of the alleged slurs were reportedly pointing cameras toward the crowd”

    Not just “reportedly”: at least one staffer was clearly, in plain view holding up two cellphone cameras as he was trailing directly behind the congressman, recording every utterance from the crowd. You can see it plain as day on the youtubes.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an N-bomb or two, given the size and diversity of the crowd. But without any evidence, the charge seems like self-serving B.S.

    1. I believe that was the eminent Jesse Jackson Jr.

      1. On second viewing I see that you’re right. The way he was trailing the group, it seemed like he was a flunky. Or I guess maybe I’m a racist.

        How was this procession not obviously trolling?

  8. the anecdote has been presented as fact all over the journalism world

    The national press is at an all-time low in depravity, and it was a pretty low bar to begin with. 14 months after the Inauguration, Obama and the MSM are still bedding down in the honeymoon suite.

  9. There is a slightly higher probability of this prize being claimed than there is of someone claiming James Randi’s $1 million prize for demonstrating some sort of supernatural ability. Very slightly.

    1. If it turns out to be the ghost of George Wallace channeled through a medium in the crowd, and it’s on tape, that’s a double win; you get both prizes!

      1. say what you want about his routine, but i dont believe this man is dead.

        1. As one viewer commented “It’s funny for? people who have brains”

  10. It’s already been pointed out, but uhh, yeah, I’ll go in, yell the N-Word and share the cash with whoever wants to videotape.

    Breitbart can’t be this stupid.

  11. “It’s already been pointed out, but uhh, yeah, I’ll go in, yell the N-Word and share the cash with whoever wants to videotape.”

    You realize it has to plausibly show you were in the protest on Saturday, not just that you know how to yell racial slurs, right?

    1. I do understand that. I suppose that Breitbart isn’t offering this for future protests. Just seems kind of a dangerous way to lose $10,000 bucks, which won’t prove that the teapartyers were racists…

      1. Seems like he’s pretty confident he won’t lose the $10K bet, and will get page hits for making the bet.

        And if something does turn up, he then gets the credit for being the one who found a way get the proof brought to life.

        So, a win no matter what.

  12. Even if somebody did say it, it proves nothing, unless millions of people are to be judged by the actions of a few. That’s not very Martin Luther Kingy, is it.

    1. excellent point.

  13. Sounds to me like Jesse Jackson Sr. will be skaking down Jr. for those two flip videos he was toting a few feet in front of the entourage.

    It’d be awesome if Blagojevich came up with the footage.

  14. Woodie Allen should do it

    sort of a Zelig revival

    Look! It clearly shows nebish old Woodie yelling “nigger”! with Czar Romanov on his elbow!

  15. Ooh look, a cry for attention. Implode a little louder dear, I can’t hear you when i get off my internets.

      1. Trust me, it’s not worth asking.

  16. Can we not go one day on this blog without a link to war-mongering torture supporter Glenn Reynold?


    2. Can you go a day without bitching about it, you treason-mongering terrorist supporter?

  17. You know what? — that Barney Frank ‘faggot’ incident was also clearly a fraud. What average, ordinary, peaceful, patriotic Tea Partyer would say such a thing? And then have other Tea Partyers laugh along? Why, it’s just not believable. There’s no video of that, doncha know? And I don’t care that several reporters were there to document it, because they are all retarded libs and stuff.

    1. C-

    2. sarcasm makes it so!

    3. Its much more acceptable to call a gay prostitute lover like Frank a faggot than to use the N-word in public when you are a white guy.

    4. There is no recording of the ‘faggot’ incident, either, but some people in the vicinity do back the claim. But they also made it clear that Frank provoked the attack. It’s not like Barney Frank is some shrinking violet. He’s a disgusting pile of garbage. I have no problem with him being called any name in the book.

      1. Nonetheless, I’m against calling him a faggot. “Liar,” “thief,” “arrogant jerk,” yes, but not faggot.

        1. Well, I’m sure there is an appropriate term for someone who shares an abode with a whore – even if he was not providing pandering services.

          “Scumbag” comes to mind. There is probably a technical term for this kind of relationship, probably French in derivation.

          1. probably French in derivation.


            1. “With an accent grave over the ‘e'”.

              1. touche (damn computer won’t make the accent grave!!)

          2. Maybe Barney didn’t really want to marry a whore but it was the only way to collect enough love juice for a man, who from his physique, we must conclude has expansive appetites.

        2. Lester maybe you shouldn’t use that word. But I am a faggot and I will call that scum sucking fat bitch a faggot all I want.

          And all the other shit stained swine the Demwit party promotes to represent gay America, from pedophile enabler Kevin Jennings on down.

    5. When did faggot become a bad word? Queer is OK, but faggot is not? If he’s a fag, he’s a fag. And he is a raging faggot, no doubt about it. It’s a liegfstyle choice. If you’re a guy who likes to surf, you’re a surfer; a guy who runs, your a runner. If you’re a guy that does unmentionable things with other men’s genetalia, well then, you’re a faggot.

      1. Or a wang basket or a dick holster or a sodomite or a man-meat muncher or a butt pirate or a knob goblin or a pork sword swallower or an anal surfer or Captain Anus or…

        1. You forgot stem-gobbler.

      2. Maybe they should just call him an economy crashing, lying, pot growing, whore marrying, fat, ugly, lisping, hypocritical tax parasite?

    6. Most reporters are idiots and liars. You got the John Edwards story wrong for years, you missed Scott Brown, and one of your queens, Andrea Mitchell, was sucking the Federal Reserve chairman’s cock every night and yet none of you saw the housing and mortgage crisis coming.

      So your incompetence to report anything is obvious.

      1. Your appraisal appears an accurate one.

  18. What if the only people documented using the “N-word” were other African Americans?

    Because, like, it’s all cool when they do it, right?

    1. That would be like matter meeting antimatter. The Capitol building would have collapsed. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  19. If it was said on camera, it would have been released to the media. During the 2008 campaign, any possibly crazy thing someone said at a McCain/Palin was played all over MSNBC.

    I’m kind of thinking that John Lewis and Co. purposely walked through the crowd, hoping someone would say it. When they didn’t catch anything, they must have figured lying would work just as well.

    1. Bingo

    2. Uhh, yes, “John Lewis and Co” (the Democrats) did “purposefully walk through the crowd”, as it was standing on the steps of Congress! It was actually a pretty brave thing to do, and they could have taken the back door.

      1. Not really, what did you expect would happen to them?

        After all, it was Obama-sent Union thugs who beat up the black guy at a Tea Party event (who was only selling T-Shirts I believe).

        It’s not like the Tea Partiers are your average liberal dickheads who have to trash the nearest Starbucks when the G8 is in town. Nor are they likely to be standing outside polling stations carrying nightsticks.

      2. Ya, it was pretty brave. They could have actually heard some slurs thrown at them and had their feelings hurt. Also could have had real ammunition against those darn teapartiers. Wait, apparently lying gives them that ammunition anyways.

      3. … what you’re saying is, they purposefully walked through the crowd, despite having an option that would have prevented any sort of risk of being subjected to sticks or stones or mean words. Almost as if they wanted to provoke some sort of confrontation to complain about. Really, if you agree with nekoxgirl, you could just say so.

        1. Just poking fun at Chad’s “bravery” comment.

      4. Hey Chad! Didn’t you know the house reps have a private tunnel all their own in which they can avoid the hoi-palloi? (

        Yes, and they chose not to use it, in hopes of eliciting some racial nastiness from some idiot. They got none, and thus must lie about it as suggested above.

        As for bravery – care to bet how many Secret Service-borne scoped rifles were pointed at the crowds during that little excursion?

      5. Bravery, eh? I wonder how many scoped Secret Service rifles were pointed into that crowd during their stroll. Likely more than a few; bravery might be a trifle easier to come by in that situation.

      6. It was actually a pretty brave thing to do, and they could have taken the back door.

        You mean, taken it up their back door. Fwom Bawney. Wepeatedwy.

      7. Chad, the only violence at a Tea Party gathering was a black man beaten by your friends, not by Tea Partiers.

        Are you using some special product to make yourself so unbelievably stupid? If you are it sure works great! If you aren’t then you are a liar. No one could possibly be as stupid as you obviously are and do it naturally.

        F**kin’ dildo.

  20. Well, in any event, let’s just hope Congress isn’t niggardly with the free health care.

    Daddy needs a brand-new (colostomy) bag.

  21. prove it, lewis. if you’re lying, then resign. falsely accusing someone of being a racist is just as bad as being a racist. if you’re knowingly lying about this, resign in disgrace.

    1. Clearly you do not know the kind of money that can be made in this extortion business.

      1. Extortion business? What extortion? You offend me deeply, sir. And you make my little friend, Tahwana, weep.

  22. I was nowhere near that event or that nigger. NIGG

  23. Lewis will not confess . At the same time he revealed himself as a fraud.I guess no longer pristine.MLK would be apalled to see what the black community has become.

    1. Appalled: from Old French, from a- (from Latin ad-) + palir to grow pale, from Latin pallescere, inchoative of pall?re to be pale.

      Is there no *end* to the racism on this site?

    2. The Boondocks was right?

      1. Boondocks, now that is quality programming.

    3. “And judgement is harsh if they leave the liberal plantation and follow their own destiny.” –Rev. Martin Luther King

      That MLK?

      Bill Cosby, a man who claims to be black has quite a little to say on the black community. Mr Cosby does reject victimhood and stresses personal responsibility so what he has to say recieves little attention.

      So what’s at the root of the problem in these communities? It sure can’t be a lack of trying, Democrats have put a lot of effort into them. As Gloria Jackson (Great grand daughter of Booker T. Washington) pointed out: “Democrats do come and march through our churches starting about two weeks before every election and give their political speeches. They do allow people to come in churches with politics as long as the politics is theirs.”

      One black leader, Francis Rice, stated: “The Democratic Party is the architect of modern day racism. Now they are fanning the flames of racism in order to keep blacks in economic poverty.”

      This whole charade of Democrat/Liberal clowns (the very people who founded the KKK to murder and intimidate any one, black or white, who dared stand up to their racist crap), running around pretending to look for any sign of racism, because they won’t tolerate it has been a lie from day one.

  24. Hey, where’s my cash prize?

    1. Pics or it didn’t happen.

      1. Wow Cosmo, work been THAT tough to find lately? What about your super-terrific-happy residual Seinfeld checks?

  25. Andrew – YOU ARE THE MAN!

  26. I was there all day Saturday and Sunday, including when the Black Caucus members went in and I heard no such thing.

    When we ringed the Capitol, which I heard no media report, I, a gay man, was between a Vietnamese family with 5 pre-teen kids and a Hispanic mom with two daughters. I don’t remember the ethnic diversity at the tea party being reported on either.

    1. “I, a gay man, was between a Vietnamese family with 5 pre-teen kids and a Hispanic mom with two daughters.”

      Hottest. Porn. Ever.

    2. You and the two families were with the Tea Party protestors, correct? If so, you all have my compliments.

      To be telling lies of the desperate type they are telling would indicate they are terrified they may lose the power they so badly abuse. A positive thing since they have well proven themselves unfit to hold those offices time and time again.

  27. I’ll fork over $10 for proof that rctl blows her “man” twice on Sundays.

    1. I’d ask why you must do this but then I’d know.

  28. Matt Welch… why are you uncomfortable writing the word Nigger. There’s no such thing as the “N-Word”. Just write Nigger, no bravery required.

    1. Writing Nigger is now banned at Can’t even quote a tea party protester on it. Haha.

    2. Is igger-nay acceptable?

      1. I’ve used the country Niger + a g word… and that hasn’t been deleted yet. So my guess is igger nay may be used too.

  29. Matt knows that one gets pelted with epithets if one so much as refers to Obama as a NEGRO.

    1. What about mulatto?

  30. The democrats actually did send a plant within the crowd to yell epithets. But the problem is, on enhanced audio, all you can hear is some emo hipster with a trucker hat yelling, “N word! N word!”


  31. I’m waiting for people to start going after the media.

    It’s only a matter of time before the lies of the NYT catch up with them.

  32. If you listen you can hear the “N: word used at the very beginning and especially at the end of the video.
    Can I have my $10,000 now ?

  33. If you listen you can hear the “N: word used at the very beginning and especially at the end of the video.
    Can I have my $10,000 now ?…..sters.html


    This is another angle of the incident and it can be heard clearly.

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