Supreme Court

14 States, 2 Lawsuits Against Health Care Bill


From the Christian Science Monitor:

In Tallahassee, Fla., 12 attorneys general joined Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum in a 22-page complaint filed in federal court, charging that the new healthcare reform package exceeds Congress's powers to regulate commerce, violates 10th Amendment protections of state sovereignty, and imposes an unconstitutional direct tax….

Virginia filed a similar lawsuit simultaneously in federal court in Richmond. That suit is slightly different in that it focuses in part on the clash between a recently enacted state law protecting the right of Virginia residents to refuse unwanted health insurance and the new federal law that imposes penalties on anyone who seeks to defy the national government's command to purchase health insurance…..

The seven-page lawsuit presents a straightforward challenge to Congress's decision to rely on its power to regulate interstate commerce to justify the federal mandate that every individual must have health insurance or pay a penalty.

"It has never been held that the Commerce Clause [of the Constitution] … can be used to require citizens to buy goods and services," the suit says. "To depart from that history to permit the national government to require the purchase of goods and services would deprive the Commerce Clause of any effective limits."….

In addition to Florida, participating plaintiffs in the lawsuit include attorneys general from South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Louisiana, Alabama, Michigan, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Washington State, Idaho, and South Dakota. The suing attorneys general are Republicans except James "Buddy" Caldwell of Louisiana, who is a Democrat.

The suit is pretty much designed to get to the Supreme Court, as the Florida suit crew admits. This Hit and Run post from Damon Root yesterday will lead you to much background on the Commerce Clause issues involved and other potential legal issues with the new health care law.

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  1. The suit is pretty much designed to get to the Supreme Court

    It OUGHT to be vigorously upheld by the first federal court that hears it, rather than going to SCOTUS, since this law is so egregiously unconstitutional, even compared to all the other unconstitutional laws SCOTUS has previously upheld.

    But, yeah, it’ll likely go to SCOTUS and get ruled on in a deeply partisan 5-4 decision, since virtually no judges actually enforce the Constitution as actually written.

    1. Oh prole, I can only quote Futurama:

      “Cool your jowls, Nixon. You may not like it that Dr. Zoidberg desecrated a flag. You might even find the image of it festering in his bowels somehow offensive. But the right to freedom of expression is guaranteed by the Earth Constitution.”

      “Aroo! Maybe so. But I know a place where the Constitution doesn’t mean squat.”

      [cuts to Supreme Court]

      1. I can’t wait for futurama to return! Will Obama be added to the hall of presidential heads?

        Hopefully not, as that would be racist.

    2. To his credit, Justice Thomas tries, and probably does a better job than most of his fellow justices.

  2. I still don’t understand why the states couldn’t all just choose a health care system in the first place. Trying to do healthcare reform from the top down seems like a bad idea, just like most things that are done from the top down. Yes, all of the euro countries have nationalized healthcare, but they don’t all join together into one system, and many of the individual systems are broken up into regions within each european country.

    I know that this bill is the as watered down as it possibly could be, but it does signal that there is no going back. They want every american to believe that nobody can rely on the free market for anything, and just to make sure, we’re going to stab the free market to death. We all know that this was about getting the foot in the door. However, something tells me that this is still going to backfire, as the bill will either be reformed out of existence by a new government, or any attempt to turn it into what democrats want to make it (single payer) will be furiously resisted as just that. Republicans and libertarians will cry “socialists!” at every attempt to make it into single payer. Because of this, their foot in the door will actually slow down the trend of socialised medicine, as such trends will be resisted more than ever before, and technically the Republicans will be telling the truth when they point out that the bill was a trojan horse all along. The Democrats won’t have a counter-argument, and people like obama will have to pay lip service to free marketeers, and relent.

    1. The only thing that will make the prospect of future cries of “socialists!” meaningful will be if the Democrats get pasted in November. Otherwise, no would-be single-payerer congressman is going to give a damn how libertarians and Repukes label them.

      1. try to remember that the free market is what has made the USA a great nacion. a place where ordinary people can make something of themselves and make great wealth. we have been able to keep socialism away and most of the world has wanted to be more like us. so why do we need to change the whole system? reform is great, but we should not trash the health care system or we open the door to the government taking yet more control of our lives. democraps or repukes, easy for you to say, but to me it is a great country, room enough for 2-4 parties (not socialists nor marxists) and the constitution does mean something, it supports our God-given rights. Do you really want to begin to give those away? now, really? try living in venezuela or cuba. socialism is a fancy robin hood word for stealing. no one, even Jesus Christ, promoted stealing from anyone. benevolence is voluntary. we all work for a living and earn what is ours. giving is voluntary, thankyou. I do not need a government telling me when I need to donate anything. ever heard of freedom and democracy? if you have worked hard all your life and made a pile of money, maybe you would have a different opinion. no freebees here. I have slaved for what little I have and I am an independent. what nasty label do you have for me? my parents were immegrants, so I suppose I am less of an american. let’s see then, cochise would be more of an american that the both of us then and we stole his land. we at least need to be fair now. hello, is anyone listening? hablas espanol? parlai italiano?

    2. Just to defend liberals, many are fine with letting the free market provide many things: socks and underwear, patio furniture, pencils. Just not anything they put in the “really important” category.

      1. Then why did they start with health care instead of food?

        1. Actually, they took a swipe at the food thing first — trans-fats, calorie counts, etc. Haven’t yet come up with a comprehensive approach to monopoly government food stores — but if the folks who voted for Obamacare don’t get trounced in the next election, then this, too, shall pass.

    3. I still don’t understand why the states couldn’t all just choose a health care system in the first place.

      There’s no glory in it.

      1. I still don’t understand why the states couldn’t all just choose a health care system in the first place.

        There’s no glory federal graft in it.

        1. I was going to reply to Mike Laursen but your post is even more on point.

          I fear the very real impasse that we have arrived at is that states can’t afford these programs without jacking up taxes (for confirmation see the high income and sales tax rates in Canada’s provinces) which is politically unacceptable. This means the states, and the people, look to the federal government for every new program they want (and the only thing that is not in scarcity is new programs that people want).

          And the federal government can only afford them through massive deficit spending, because, again, raising taxes is political suicide.

          The plain fact is that Americans want someone else to pay their medical bills, literally. Unlike people other countries Americans aren’t willing to be subjected to the kinds of taxation levels a comprehensive welfare state requires. If you think the payroll tax is too high in the USA check out what it is in France some time.

          Oh, before anyone points out that many countries have lower marginal income rates than us, check out their payroll tax, VAT etc rates.

          1. I fear the very real impasse that we have arrived at is that states can’t afford these programs without jacking up taxes (for confirmation see the high income and sales tax rates in Canada’s provinces) which is politically unacceptable. This means the states, and the people, look to the federal government for every new program they want (and the only thing that is not in scarcity is new programs that people want).

            A little over seven years ago, a single-payer health care plan went on the ballot in Oregon, Measure 23.

            Measure 23 was defeated by 79%.

            When was the last time any governor in Oregon was elected with 79%?

            When was the last time any presidential candidate won Oregon’s electoral votes with 79%?

  3. Apologies if this has been asked and answered, but does striking down one provision of Obamacare strike down the entire legislation? Because as audaciously unconstitutional as it is, removing the mandate but leaving everything else would send insurance companies out of business (or worse, considered too big to fail).

    1. The moment the mandate is struck down, if the rest of the bill is not revised, it will be the insurance companies’ turn to sue. Where does Congress get the authority to pass a law that says, “your business has to hand piles of money to anybody who shows up at your door asking for it”?

      1. Could be a taking, then.

    2. Just searched through the text of the bill and I couldn’t find a separability clause. You’d think with the length of the text that it would be in there.

      I don’t know if its normal to put such clauses in Federal legislation; they do it all the time in California legislation.

      1. I believe the accepted rule at the Supreme Court level is to strike offending portions and salvage the rest, if possible. That is an old rule of judicial interpretation, if I recall correctly.

    3. I don’t think the mandate will survive until 2014, when it is slated to kick in, but let’s say it does. The incentive structure sure seems to be set up so that a lot of people will pay the fine rather than purchasing health insurance.

      If there were a small cost difference between the amount of the fine and the price of a comprehensive health insurance policy, people might pay for the health insurance out of a sense of doing the right thing. But if it’s a big gap in price, as we expect it to be, they’re going to take the fine.

      So, the companies will start going broke under that scenario, too. I predict that will lead to the Federal government bailing out or taking over insurance companies, or reviving the argument for a public option.

    4. What I don’t get, by the way, is why the insurance companies jumped on board and started supporting the bill. Maybe they’re looking at all the new subsidized customers that they would be getting?

  4. The likely result is that the Court will strike down some of the more odious provisions of the Health Care Bill, like the individual mandate, but it will by and large leave most of the thing intact. Which will still have terrible effects on American health care.

  5. removing the mandate without doing anything else to the bill would leave us with a huge unfunded liability. Could be the final thing that sends the dollar into a death spiral.

    1. Its ok, I’d rather get their faster than slower. Slow decay is just depressing. I need a good catastrophe.

      1. It’s like oxidation. Would you rather watch things rust or explode?

  6. Apparently the writers of this bill knew this was coming so the added comments to this in the Bill. Part I, SEC. 1501 (a) (3)

    “(3) SUPREME COURT RULING- In United States v. South-Eastern Underwriters Association (322 U.S. 533 (1944)), the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that insurance is interstate commerce subject to Federal regulation.”

    1. Still takes a long stretch of that precedent to justify this piece of garbage.

    2. So how is a person who is not buying insurance engaging the business of insurance or in interstate commerce. He’s electing NOT to participate in those things.

      1. You lack imagination, sir.

    3. The Court ruled that:

      the Commerce Clause grants to Congress the power to regulate insurance transactions stretching across state lines.

      They haven’t ruled that intrastate insurance transactions are subject to the Commerce Clause, although given their other rulings on “indirect” effects on interstate commerce, they undoubtedly will.

      The real question is whether declining to participate in commerce altogether is subject to federal regulation. That’s actually not much of a leap, either, given the precedent on “indirect” effects.

  7. Interstate commerce?

    Then why can’t I buy a medical insurance policy in one state and keep it when I move to another?

    I can with car insurance, and life insurance.

    1. Not car insurance. You need to have a policy that meets the minimum requirements of the state you’re residing in. And you have to buy it from an insurance company licensed to sell insurance in that state.

      1. Um, Adam –

        I know all that – that’s kind of my point.

        Since I’m effectively unable to by medical insurance that follows me across state line, how is this interstate commerce?

    2. Dunno, but if we did live in a world where one could keep the same insurance when moving from state to state, it sure would make the health insurance business model make more sense for the consumer and the insurer. The ideal health insurance model would be that an individual starts paying into a policy at a young age, and gets much lower premiums over his lifetime in exchange.

      That’s so rational and so opposite to the world we now live in, though.

      1. The ideal health insurance model would be that an individual starts paying into a policy at a young age, and gets much lower premiums over his lifetime in exchange.

        Sort of like they do now with whole life life insurance, eh.

        Whole life is an oversold “investment” but it is nevertheless something which a young person starting a family is well advised to put a small portion of his or her shekels into.

        Likewise for a wholelife health policy.

        Just think, if insurance companies actually catered to individual consumers for health insurance you might see the same sorts of useful and creative vehicles that you see in Life Insurance. And that could even happen under the current regime of state insurance markets. Though, IMO a national market would be preferable.

        1. A little off topic, but under what situation would whole life actually make more sense than term?

          Better to buy term and invest the price difference.

          1. It would make more sense if you were the CEO of an insurer.

            Otherwise, not so much so.

  8. Because, Parker, “interstate commerce” only means that when it INCREASES the power of the gubmint. In Obama’s America, laissez-faire is one dog that just ain’t gonna hunt.

  9. Am I paranoid in thinking the Dems want the court challenge to succeed? It would basically put health care companies out of business which they probably see as a good thing.

    1. And, as mentioned upthread, leave an ENORMOUS unfunded liability which even Congress knows they can’t afford.

      1. And, as mentioned upthread, leave an ENORMOUS unfunded liability which even Congress knows they can’t afford.

        Well, not without huge tax increases. Which the Dems are already planning to pass, with a great show of reluctance, in the name of fiscal responsibility.

    2. Maybe. Since politicians don’t usually think much beyond the next election, I’m guessing the Dems pushed a bill through just to prove that they weren’t completely incompetent and can get legislation passed. The people against the health care bill do and already would hate them/vote against them; their base, however, needed some sort of “accomplishment” to rally around.

      If we were talking about Crassus and Caesar or Augustus planning something, then I might agree with you. Fortunately, our politicians aren’t as crafty.

    3. Bingo! They’re just fine with the insurance companies failing. They’re evil and need to be taken over by the government.

  10. 13 States, 2 Lawsuits Against Health Care Bill

    FWIW, between the two suits (Virginia’s and Florida’s), it’s a total of 14 states that are being represented; Florida’s suit alone also includes 12 other states (i.e., in addition to Florida itself). In other words, the CSM story’s headline is correct.

    1. You are correct, sir. Headline fixed.

  11. 13 States, 2 Lawsuits

    All things being equal, I’d rather have 2 Girls, 1 Cup. It’s preferable to Obama/Reid/PelosiCare.

    1. I’ve never actually seen 2G1C, but from what I’ve read, that’s a disgustingly-strong statement!

  12. What I don’t get, by the way, is why the insurance companies jumped on board and started supporting the bill. Maybe they’re looking at all the new subsidized customers that they would be getting?

    Not entirely. My sense is that they played along to:

    1. Ensure themselves a seat at the table when the mandatory minimum plan benefits are decided.

    2. Appear cooperative so that they’re not hounded to death by regulators and grand-standing politicians.

    Of course, it was idiotic of any health plan to suppose that they could curry meaningful favor with DC. Which they’ll likely find out soon enough.

  13. Would someone plese tell me who elected these democrats? What next, cancel the election process before November comes?

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  16. No chance. Waste of taxpayer money.

  17. And, just to point out a little hypocrisy among the pro-federalism crowd around here, “letting” people buy insurance across state lines would, by allowing insurance companies to circumvent state regulations they don’t like, amount to a lessening of state power.

  18. Unhappy with the cost of the new Health Care Bill? Here’s how to make the cost more acceptable. Just consider that it could have been a Bill to take us into another stupid, completely unnecessary war with some little third world country that was no threat to us.

  19. my hopes are that more states join this suit, and put a stop to this disregars for our constitution by a congress out of controll and who are determend to forse socialisim on the American people

  20. Can’t wait for the outcome! Something did need to be done, but I don’t agree with this approach.

  21. why does everybody have to slam obama, people fighting and gettin your guns ready is not going to slove anything, this is a great country that everyone wants to be apart of, some of you tea partiers are giving some americans bad reps if we had come together while bush was in office and put a stop to some of his outrageous spending these bailouts would not be nessecary, we all just need to make peace, we are already at 2 wars we dont need a 3rd, please folks think about the kids that see this going on, and all the states that are trying to file lawsuites your not going to win its a waist of tax payer money 14 to 50 states, besides wen has anyone ever beat the government, now i truely know that america was not ready for a black president at least half its 2010 peolple not 1940, and for all you people saying the goverment is taking over oh well get over it somebody has to run the country most of you are probly getting some government check…ssi,dis.etc student loans all come the government, just think about what you say or do people because god is always watching

  22. obama and the dems are nothing but dictators they are distroying this USA as we know it . We have to stop them no matter what it takes. Obama is a trader to our constitution He needs to be impeached along with his leftist followers. Do not unerestamate this healthcare bill was just another foot in the door to distroy our constitution. We must not stand for it We must stand against it, dig our hills in and not be affraid. We must fight for freedom , for our constitution, for our families. soilders former and current we must protect our constitution form washington dems if we want to contenue to be free. if your not ready get ready now

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    1 post – Last post: Aug 1
    Another suit against the company has been filed by New York City alleging … 52 States File Lawsuits Against Purdue Pharmaceutical Company … ? Cached
    As why I posted at the N.W.O., I wanted to know more about this New World Order concept and from what I have seen of this to the Health Care Bill and its connections, well, Have you ever seen the Geico Insurance Commercial, ” Did The little Piggy go wee, wee, wee, all the way home ? That look on the ladies face, tells it all, of how most of the people of the United States feel about the issues at hand, and the miss use of power granted to Government officials.
    Yes President Obama a change is at hand, and I kind of like my little Health Care Ideas at least they are honest….
    Henry Massingale / FASC Concepts in and for Pay It Forward covers the web post on google Drop by and see why we built a anti crime / war form in a Health Care Reform Concept. To strategically Rebuild America on google look for page 1 american dream official site

  26. The act also provides standing for the state to challenge the federal legislation, and Cuccinelli expressed hope that courts will rule the federal reform package as unconstitutional. annuity rates

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