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"I can't believe this asshole believes this shit…"

As I blogged the other day (and discussed today on Ed Morrissey's radio show), Hollywood knuckle-dragger Sean Penn told Hollywood dullard Bill Maher that American critics of Hugo Chavez should be thrown in jail for their "biases." Now Penn is being praised by the caudillo for defending his vapid, failed revolution. From AP:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is grateful that actor Sean Penn has defended him against his critics within the U.S. media. In an appearance on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" last week, Penn slammed Chavez critics who refer to the socialist leader as a dictator.

The Oscar-winning celebrity noted that Chavez has won repeated elections and suggested that media critics who call him a dictator should be jailed.

He says that "there should be a bar for which one goes to prison for these kinds of biases."

Penn has visited Chavez several times and frequently defends the president's leftist political policies.

Chavez welcomed Penn's comments Wednesday and thanked the actor for standing up to his detractors.

Why would one be allowed to besmirch revolutionary achievements like this one, noted today by the counterrevolutionary terrorists at Reuters:

Homicides in Venezuela have quadrupled during President Hugo Chavez's 11 years in power, with two people murdered every hour, according to new figures from a non-governmental organization. The Venezuelan Observatory of Violence (OVV), whose data is widely followed in the absence of official statistics, said the South American nation has one of the highest crime rates on the continent, with 54 homicides per 100,000 citizens in 2009. That rate is only surpassed in Latin America by El Salvador where 70 in every 100,000 citizens were murdered last year, the OVV said, citing official statistics from that country.

After 11 years, a baffling stream of international support, and an enormous spike in oil revenue, Venezuela is an utter mess. It's an obvious point, I suppose, but just imagine Penn's response if, after three presidential terms, a bit of court packing, and a series of constitutional amendments designed to keep him in power forever, George W. Bush presided over a wrecked economy and a country overrun by violent crime.

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  1. Hollywood dullard Bill Maher. You sure called that one right. What’s frightening is the libtards that view him as something of an intellectual firebrand.

    1. Yeah, maybe the libtards that exist in your closet and under your bed as put there and in your head by your right wing talk radio hosts.

      Maher’s popularity that I’ve seen has been from people touting his “independence” or some such nonsense. Few liberals I know say “Oh, Bill Maher says….”

      1. Ask any liberal what they think of Religulous. They all think Maher is a fucking genius because he made a movie about religious hypocrisy.

        You live in a dreamworld if you believe Maher isn’t adored by liberals as some kind of hero.

        But we already knew that, I suppose.

        1. I really wanted to like Religulous, but during that pointless bit with the truckers I kept hoping they’d beat his sorry ass into the ground.
          And, of course, the movie was mind-numbingly boring.

          1. I am all about exposing religious hypocrisy, but Maher is such a shitheel it makes it impossible for me to get through the whole movie.

            For some quality religious satire, try out Jay Pinkerton’s Back O’ The bible series. I would watch a movie about this for days.


            Everybody loves the Bible. It’s shit-full of good advice you can apply to everyday life, from “turn the other cheek” to “God hates fags.” What many people don’t know, however, is that the Bible isn’t just the basis for highly collectible Jesus plates?it’s also an enormous goddamn thousands-years-old book……Once you wade past the shallow end of the New Testament into the back half of the Old Testament, get ready: it turns out God’s a fucking lunatic, and He loves the taste of your blood. Old Testament God ain’t letting Himself get nailed to any crosses like some pussy; OT God wouldn’t spit on your balls if they were on fire. If He covers your eyes with boils to win a bet with Satan, consider yourself lucky He didn’t turn your city into a mushroom cloud for not praying to Him enough. Even a cursory reading of the Old Testament leaves only one conclusion: God is a total hardass, and if you step out of line He will most likely drop you in the time it takes most people to open a door.

            It can’t be too many more years before Christians get themselves a decent copy editor and start publishing the Bible with a quick paragraph about the Garden of Eden and Noah before seguing right to Jesus, thus bypassing a thousand pages of dense insanity completely. Until then, enjoy this candid look at the Bible’s backlog.

            1. you know some of us do actually believe in the OT god and that he’s a fucktard.

        2. “Ask any liberal what they think of Religulous. They all think Maher is a fucking genius because he made a movie about religious hypocrisy.”

          This comment just proves how few liberals you know, outside of the fevered fantasies of your mind.

          I’m a liberal. I saw Religulous with Maher in it. I thought it and he were stupid.

          1. Congrats to you MNG. I grew up in Cambridge MA, and tons of my friends are liberals and they all adore this movie.

            Just because you showed some intelligence in realizing it’s crap does not negate my own personal experience with Maher-loving liberals.

          2. I think I figured this out. See both of you guys know some liberals, but, I think, they are not the same liberals.

            The liberals are different. Whoa, I just like totally thought that up, and stuff.

          3. The scene where he stands in the Armegeddon field and makes his over the top pious speech was gut bustingly funny-though of course not in any way Maher intended.

            No offense buddy, but if the liberals you hang with think Maher is something, you hang with a pretty low class of liberals…

            1. The fact that you believe they are “low class liberals” is all the endorsement I need to continue
              to hang out with them. Unlike you, they know when to shut the fuck up.

            2. Thanks for that very liberal take on things. FYI – I voted for Barry O, haven’t been to church in years and think Glenn Beck is a douche.
              That said, I find most people of faith to be much better humans than Maher and his ilk.

        3. no, idiot. Liberals worship Maher for “Cannibal Women in the Avacado Jungle of Death.”

          I can’t blame them, really

    2. Sorry, but I take issue with the word “liberal” when used to describe socialists. I’m not sure who started using it that way, but we should resist it.

      A liberal is someone for liberty on a particular topic.

      Libertarians are “liberal” on economic issues and “liberal” on social issues.

      I much prefer “leftist” “socialist” “authoritarian” etc when describing the far left

      1. Thank you Eric, I love it. I totally call myself a Liberal, which to me means the same as Libertarian. I prefer progressive, socialist/fascis or statist. to describe the left. The right being neoconservative or consevative, fascist or statist as well.

        1. I forgot “statist” 🙂

          1. Ya I like the term “statist.” You can sum up a lot of different big government philosophies with it.

    3. If you have seen ‘religulous’, that shoud clear up any misconceptions you might have that Maher is an “intellectual”.

      It is pretty much the *stupidest* argument against religion that I have every had the horror of witnessing.

      “Lol! religious people are dumb, yo!”

      As an atheist, I am fucking embarrassed that this guy is representing my position.

      1. Enter Christopher Hitchens.

      2. Very well put

  2. I love that alt text so much I’m not even going to call for a caption contest.

    But Chavez was elected, remember.

  3. To be fair to Chavez, murder convictions are up.

    1. JR, you are incorrect and
      Moynihan, your data on murders in venezuela is a little outdated:

      Venezuela surpasses El Salvador with 140 homicides per 100,000 citizens.

      Homicide rates in Venezuela increased to 16,047, as compared to 14,589 for 2008, according to the Observatorio Venezolano de Violencia (OVV), which highlights “impunity” and “corruption” as the main causes.

      The document, titled “Una d?cada de impunidad en Venezuela (1998-2009)” sent today to Efe, reveals that during this period a total of 123,091 homicides occured, and that statistics reflect a continuos increase since the 4,550 homicides reported in 1998.

      “Impunity”, according to the report, is the primary cause for the increase in homicides since 1998 and emphasizes that, while the number of homicides increases, in parallel, the number of detentions decrease.

      According to the analysis of the OVV, directed by the sociologist Roberto Brice?o Le?n, professor of the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), 91 percent of homicides ocurred in venezuela in 2009 resulted in no arrest.

      In 2007, 2008 and 2009, as little as 9 suspects were arrested per every 100 homicides, as compared to 58 in 1998.…..e-el-2009/

  4. Obviously the murders are being committed by capitalist wreckers trying to undermine the benevolent rule of Sr. Chavez.


    Instead of asinine posts like this one, what about this video of Mr. Welch. Nice interview actually, oddly telling that it hasn’t been posted here yet.

  6. George W. Bush presided over a wrecked economy and a country overrun by violent crime.


    Gw had useful idiots like you who tacitly supported his crony capitalist agenda that wrecked the country etc etc. He packed the court with two additional big govt corp blowing authoritarian idiots, idiot.

    1. I’m going to give you a D+. You’re quite bad, but the crony capitalist shit was OK, seeing as it could get some hackles raised here.

      1. You would know since you read and swallow a lot of crap from this site. It’s not hard to whip a little sophist shit together for drooling TEH Socialism masses, and by masses, i mean the asses here.

        1. OK, you just moved up to a B. Not bad.

          1. Yo Epi, how come you didn’t tell me the order of the statement arguments to my for loop was wrong the other day? Even the retarded kid in David Copperfield got porridge from those around him.

            I had to go back and change the order in like 30 for-loops after I tried to compile, all because of your negligence.

            1. I can’t debug what I can’t read. Code like yours makes my eyes glaze over. Name your damned variables something coherent, or you’ll end up like Warty.

              1. Variables should have names like i, j, m and n. If you need more than those four, you’re getting too fancy, but you can use “temp” and “foo” if absolutely necessary.

                1. Variables are a crutch for the weak and elderly. Real programmers put everything on the system stack.

        2. Yeah, it’s really whipped up here, as evidenced by the fact that this post may get a whole, I dunno, 75 comments. Really whipped up. And anyway, fuck you.

    2. Someone obviously can’t handle being faced with the reality of what Chavez really is.

  7. Oh not…

    That link goes nowhere.

    1. Try this,…..9jTppKdUEA

      Or just go to The Real News, A libertarian take on healthcare…enjoy

      1. Thanks. I quite liked it. I never knew Matt was such a Francophile. It was fun to watch him squirm under that glare from his interviewer.

        Matt seemed as naked as Obama without his teleprompter and certainly delivered a confusing message.

        Better work on your game Matt.

      2. “The Real News”… is that like “Fair and Balanced”?

      3. You should check the archives before you make yourself look even more foolish.…..ealth-care

        1. No one looks foolish. Some of us miss some Reason pieces becase we aren’t home.

          I appreciate the link. I could put myself in Matt’s shoes and feel myself squirm too. Matt ultimately delivered the libertarian message although it would have been ‘coherent’ only to a previous adherent to libertarianism.

          Matt, perhaps unknowingly, exhibits behavior that libertarians are more likely to pick up on: that as an American married to a Frenchwoman, he exploits the French health care system because he can.

          1. Sorry Jester, I was replying to our new troll Oh no.

            Stupid threaded comments.

  8. Apparently, Chavez has a closetfull of identical red shirts.

  9. Honestly, I know it’s fun, but it’s also easy and cheap. Hugo and Sean are like a bad troll in a comment section.

    Pick on something that really matters, like the fucking Dem ‘end game’ vote on the Health Care Bill. If you’re gonna beat a dead horse, beat one that once beaten to a dead bloody pulp, its smell will at least waft into our nostrils without being diluted by the salty spray of the Caribbean Sea.

    1. Honestly, I know it’s fun, but it’s also easy and cheap. Hugo and Sean are like a bad troll in a comment section.

      Pick on someething that really matters
      28 million people live in Venezuela, including a good friend of mine. That some Bolivarian shithead socialist is ruining the country while setting himself up as presidente de por vida matters to a whole lot of folks.

      The play-by-play of parliamentary tactics and politcal maneuvering in DC about the congressionally ground toxic sausage that Obamacare is may not matter as much to those with a wider world view.

      1. My point is that there is little to nothing that this little website can do to ameliorate the obviously bullshit situation in Venezuela. This amounts to more beating of an already dead horse- that Chavez is an idiot that should go.

        However, all of our ranting serves little unless there is a rampant following of in Venezuela and it represents the Voice of Reason there.

        For us, it represents an easy assignment for a Reason writer. Kind of like if you turned in evey term paper titled “Why Hitler was a bad artist”.

        1. Your right jester, but I think they do beat that other dead horse with the wafting smell quite often as well. I see nothing wrong with a little jabbing at Chavez every now and then. Not everything has to have practical purpose all of the time. Sometimes preaching to the choir is ok to take up space.

        2. What you don’t know is that the editorial staff of Reason is organizing an overthrow of Venezuala’s ruling powers right this very second.

          How’s that for making a difference?

          1. No I didn’t realize that.

            Can I join?

        3. I know of more reason posters from Venezuela than I do South Dakota, but we still rag on their idiotic politicians.

  10. After 11 years, a baffling stream of international support, and an enormous spike in oil revenue, Venezuela is an utter mess.

    Except for the oil revenues and international support, Venezuela is just like Cleveland! Isn’t there a video series featuring Drew Carey coming up? Soon?

    1. Cleveland – “We’re not Detroit!”

      1. …or Venezuala!

  11. Good Lord, leave this crap to the “Big Hollywood” crowd. No sane person gives a rat’s ass what Spiccoli thinks about anything.

    1. Mr. Hand does.

      1. Mr. Hand, that great redistributor of pizza wealth. Fuck him with a broken Coke bottle.

  12. Even when I want to agree with Moynihan (“there should be a bar for which one goes to prison for these kinds of biases”-WTF?!?) he tries too hard sloppily and I have to speak of it. It’s a very bizarre thing to base an attack on a political figure like Chavez on the nation’s crime rate. Especially since his own blurb notes that El Salvador, coming off a (recently defeated) 20 year long right wing administration has higher rates. So the connection between the ideology and the crime rate, it ain’t clear and don’t seem to say nuthin’. What a bizarre point to pick with Chavez..

    1. Yes, I would have picked the Chavez regime’s abysmal human rights record myself.

      1. Or the electricity shortage.
        Or the censorship.
        Or the Castro officials he’s importing.
        Or the worthlessness of the Bolivar.

        There exists a fucking grab bag of indicators that this fuckhead couldn’t run a goddam lemonade stand in August in Savannah, much less a modern nation.

        1. Oh come on – I bet he could run a lemonade stand. George Bush, on the other hand…

        2. or the food shortages

          1. or the nationalization of supermarkets!

      2. Me too. It’s plain to anyone paying attention Chavez is a thug. He’s made every move he thought he could get away with to become dictator. That he hasn’t succeded in them all is no credit to him but to what’s left of Venezula’s civil society and institutions.

        Sean Penn is a fool to support him. What a shame, I loved Mystic River and Into the Wild…

        1. It is not a shame that you loved those films or even Mr. Penn’s talent as an actor.

          Similarly, I don’t loathe Mr. Obama or Mr. Bush personally. They are acting or acted like not a small number of my friends would have acted if in the position of POTUS.

          I do have very strong words about their actions as POTUS however.

        2. I state the following as someone who has climbed a number of peaks, been in the wilderness by myself for significant periods of time, etc.

          “Into The Wild” was a movie about a very arrogant, ignorant person. Hey, dipshit, there are these things call maps! You may need one! If you use one you’ll see that there is a tram just 1/4 down the way from where you originally forded the river! Maybe you would not have croaked within a few miles of a town if you had one! Christopher McCandless is not any sort of hero; his actions are a cautionary tale of how not to act in the wilderness.

          1. “…1/4 mile…”

          2. I don’t argue that McCandless was some wilderness hero, just that his story and his life were interesting to me. He struck me as having the self-importance and naive nature of most young men his age. Not a prophet but an interesting story. And he did not “deserve” what he got, no matter what his foolishness (which I concede). He was trying to find a deeper self than so many of his cohort I give him an A for effort…

            1. I give him a D for Death.

              1. He’s the poster child for stupidity.

            2. *The guy was clearly mentally unstable.

              *He had zero respect for nature. Indeed, he wasted a beautiful moose by his utter incompetence. A fairly unconscionable act.

              *The results of his actions were entirely predictable.

              *Lots of people do the stupid shit that he did, though most of them survive their utter foolishness.

              1. I’ll give McCandless one point in his favor – he is an excellent example of natural selection. Give that guy a Darwin Award!

                1. Yeah. I had mixed feelings about the movie.

                  it was beautifully done. But even I know that if I plan to live by hunting, I should, you know, try it a few times, instead of convincing myself that I can figure out how to field-strip a moose based on some notes I got from a redneck in a bar one time.

                  1. Er, how to field dress a moose …

                    As you can see, I’ve never actually been hunting.

    2. I kind of agree with MNG, there’s much to complain about with Chavez. Like everything he’s ever done or any words that ever came out of his mouth. Why imply something that only has a tenuous connection?



  15. So, critics of Sr. Chavez in this country should be put on trial jailed. Go straight to Gaol, do not pass Go. For criticizing someone.

    On the other hand, gotta believe Sean “Fuckstick” Penn would (admirably) support the right of critics of former Pres Bush to…criticize him.

    At least he’s consistent. What a maroon.

  16. Penn seems so frowny in that picture. I wonder what just happened in that room they’re coming out of?

    1. He seemed like he was drug-addled at the Oscars. He barely delivered his lines coherently.

  17. While method acting demonstrates an admirable devotion to one’s craft, I do question Sean Penn’s decision to continue remaining in character. I Am Sam was completed years ago.

    1. + everything I own

  18. Does Sean Penn have any real friends? Doesn’t anyone in his circle have the balls to say, “Hey Sean, this Bolivar crap of yours is going too damn far. Fucking chill dude.”

    Seriously, can’t someone in his family intervene?

    1. No, because he’ll hit them, With his fist.

    2. he sure can. He can buy a house in venezuela and have his family live in it for about a year. That should give the malandros (criminals) enough time to figure out where they live, kidnap them, and ask for millions of dollars in ransom.
      That just may be what Mr. Penn needs to change his mind.

      1. “wealth redistribution” according to the Bolivarian Socialism of the 21st Century 😉

  19. Does Chavez any have friends? Why does he need to hang around lowlifes?

  20. Chavez is what you get when you don’t kill leftist in their cribs before they have a chance to ruin your society.

  21. Sean Penn needs to be punched in the dick. Hard. And repeatedly.

    He is such a collossal ass.

  22. Penn has visited Chavez several times and frequently defends the president’s leftist political policies so i think…

  23. this just what he wanted~~FETUYUBDG

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