Cell Phone Warning Labels in San Francisco?


Mayor and former wannabe governor now downgraded to wannabe lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom wants his people to know….the truth! about those awful little walkie-talkies they are constantly yammering into.

Newsom has proposed an ordinance that all cell phones sold in his city be given a warning label similar to those placed on cigarettes.

Based on concerns that cell phones cause brain cancer, the proposal would require a label with the level of radio frequency emissions and specific absorption rate of the phone…..

The ordinance would provide warning of a safety risk that remains scientifically unproven….

If enacted, this ordinance could unnecessarily expose San Francisco to considerable litigation costs and harm San Francisco's business climate at a time that the city faces enormous budget deficits…..

Looming would be numerous lawsuits on behalf of the wireless industry, heavy swinging retailers and a number of other businesses negatively impacted economically by the ordinance, citing federal preemption….

The wireless industry is a rare bright spot in today's bleak economy and San Francisco has maintained a core place for innovation and technology. This proposal would quickly and dramatically stunt that continuous growth.

Ron Bailey blogging back in December on the not very menacing menace of cell phone radiation.

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  1. Whitey is dumb.

  2. Cell ophones don’t cause brain cancer. Sometimes I wish they would, but the evidence that they do does not exist.

    I hate politicians that pander to people’s irrational fears.

    1. But the science is settled!

      1. There is consensus!

    2. What about All The Children? who use cell phones? Shouldn’t we be safe rather than sorry? If they die, who will support me in my dotage? We must preserve the taxpayers. I mean The Children.

  3. Oh please, cell phone sellers, PLEASE close up shop in SF and move elsewhere.

    Just once, I want businesses to call these punk fuck’s bluff.

  4. Damn conservatives like Newsom and Jenny McCarthy just can’t accept what the scientist tell them.

  5. What a wuss. If he cared about his constituents not getting cancer, he’d just go ahead and ban cell phones inside city limits.

  6. Go here:

    Type in the grantee code and the product code.

    For example, if I remove the battery from my cell phone, I see “FCC ID: A3LSCHU340”. This is a super common freebie phone used by Scots/Jews like me.

    Enter first three digits A3L – this is the grantee code (identifies the grantee, the owner)

    Enter the remaining digits SCHU340 for the product code.

    Hit enter or click “start search” and under “Details” you will see all the infromation Samsung(‘s agent) had to submit to get this phone approved for use in the US.

    I hate doing FCC paperwork. But people like me do this sort mind-numbingly boring work (thankfully only a smallish portion of my job) so fellas like Gavin Newsom can look at it if they really have some concern.

    Newsom should press for a law requiring all intentional radiators to be listed on the FCC website to show they meet the emissions requirements requirements of FCC part 15. Oh wait, that’s right, there already is such a law. Never mind then…

  7. I want all politicians to be labeled with a warning that exposure to their idiocy may cause a potentially fatal loss of liberties.

  8. We need a label here in California warning of the growing menace of Newsom.

  9. This proposal would quickly and dramatically stunt that continuous growth.

    If you don’t want cellphones to be treated like cigarettes, why use a sentence that calls cigarettes to mind?

  10. Sorry, Mr. Newsom. You’ll need to find a different excuse for your defective brain.

  11. Oh no! Now all the children will decide that, since they’re not about to give up their cell phones, they may as well start smoking since they’re going to get cancer anyway.

    Damn you, Gavin Newsom! Why do you want our children to smoke cigarettes and die from cancer, you monster?

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