Cell Phone Warning Labels in San Francisco?


Mayor and former wannabe governor now downgraded to wannabe lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom wants his people to know….the truth! about those awful little walkie-talkies they are constantly yammering into.

Newsom has proposed an ordinance that all cell phones sold in his city be given a warning label similar to those placed on cigarettes.

Based on concerns that cell phones cause brain cancer, the proposal would require a label with the level of radio frequency emissions and specific absorption rate of the phone…..

The ordinance would provide warning of a safety risk that remains scientifically unproven….

If enacted, this ordinance could unnecessarily expose San Francisco to considerable litigation costs and harm San Francisco's business climate at a time that the city faces enormous budget deficits…..

Looming would be numerous lawsuits on behalf of the wireless industry, heavy swinging retailers and a number of other businesses negatively impacted economically by the ordinance, citing federal preemption….

The wireless industry is a rare bright spot in today's bleak economy and San Francisco has maintained a core place for innovation and technology. This proposal would quickly and dramatically stunt that continuous growth.

Ron Bailey blogging back in December on the not very menacing menace of cell phone radiation.