Rubber Room Still Filled With Crappy Teachers Who Don't Teach, Continue to Draw Salary


My question: Do their jobs count as "created," "saved," or "funded" by the stimulus? Here's the New York Times lede:

The Bloomberg administration has made getting rid of inadequate teachers a linchpin of its efforts to improve city schools. But in the two years since the Education Department began an intensive effort to root out such teachers from the more than 55,000 who have tenure, officials have managed to fire only three for incompetence.

Bookmark that story (and this one, and all of 'em), next time some sad sack union hack or politico whines about low teacher pay or "draconian" cutbacks in education funding. A taxpayer-funded organization of 55,000 employees that can only fire three incompetents after a concerted effort to weed out hundreds more is an organization that deserves to be dismantled.

You can't say we didn't warn ya.

Link via the Twitter feed of Reason Contributing Editor Walter Olson.