Some Reason Love in a Best-of Journalism List


Over at True/Slant, Conor Friedersdorf uncorks a pretty good list of "The Best of Journalism (2009)," something that voracious media consumers oughtta do more of. On it are plenty of pieces that were linked here throughout the year, plus Nancy Rommelmann's great "Anatomy of a Child Pornographer" story in our July issue. Also making an appearance is Reason Contributing Editor Kerry Howley, for her entertaining profile of Kathleen Parker in The American Prospect. Full list here.

All of which got me thinking–what were your favorite Reason (and non-Reason) pieces in 2009? Here's a cover gallery from the year to jog your memory; though obviously feel free to nominate an online story, blog post, or ReasonTV video. Not necessarily looking for flattery here, just wondering what stuck in your memory.