Drug War

Ban E-Cigarettes—for the Children!


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit is expected to decide soon whether to uphold or overturn a federal judge's preliminary injunction barring the FDA from seizing electronic cigarettes as an "unapproved drug-device combination." Over at AOL News today, I debate the FDA's attempt to ban e-cigarettes with Harvard Medical School professor Jonathan Winickoff. He does not question my argument that smokers can dramatically reduce their health risks by switching to e-cigarettes, which deliver nicotine in a propylene glycol vapor without burning tobacco (or anything else). Instead Winickoff argues that e-cigarettes are a threat to the nation's youth, enticing them with "fruit and candy flavors" into a nicotine habit that may ultimately lead to smoking. I do not want to say categorically that no kid in America has ever decided to experiment with nicotine by shelling out $80 for an e-cigarette starter kit and $20 for each ten-pack of cartridges instead of buying a pack of cigarettes for $4.50. But I suspect that sort of thing does not happen very often. More to the point, when conventional cigarettes are readily available to minors, it is hard to see how introducing a much less hazardous alternative will hurt them.

In any event, the logical response to Winickoff's concerns is to impose age restrictions on e-cigarette sales, which most distributors already do. In his view, however, such precautions only make the product more attractive to underage consumers. "The advertising warning that 'this product is for adults only' appears tailor-made to appeal to kids," he writes. By that logic, e-cigarette distributors who want to prevent underage consumption of their product should pass it out for free in schoolyards and tell kids it's good for them. But I suspect Winickoff would object to that strategy as well.

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  1. In his view, however, such precautions only make the product more attractive to underage consumers.

    So he’s opposed to age limits on cigarettes?

    No, let me guess, he wants to ban all tobacco products (and e-cigs). But, why wouldn’t that make them even more attractive to minors?

    Does logic, or even elementary consistency, ever penetrate the skulls of these nannies?

    1. Of course not. Just like the nannies who ban out of state purchase of wines.
      Like Johnny Teenager and his buddies are going to pool together $50 to order that trendy new California cab by UPS instead of giving Johnny’s older brother $20 to run up to the store and buy a boatload of cheap beer.

      1. Just like the nannies who ban out of state purchase of wines.

        Uhmm…That isn’t nanny-ism, that’s crony capitalism. They might justify the ban in terms of for the children nonsense, but at the end of the day the reason they do it is to protect in-state liquor distributors or wholesalers from competition who donate lots of money and lobby pretty heavily to their state pols. (For a good example see the Wirtz family in Illinois)

        1. Or the Jackson racket.

        2. Don’t be surprised at the influence tobacco companies have here too. They’d love to see e-cigarettes disappear. More relevant to my pipe smoking, they’d love to see RYO tobacco go away. So let’s increase the tax on pipe tobacco 775% to close a loophole used by the RYO companies. Yes, this legislation exists in committee today, and it is crony capitalism at its worst.

    2. doesn’t work always that way, if you put hefty fines and some jail terms on people who are selling tobacco products they may consider the risk too high and hopefully stop selling tobacco products

    3. It doesn’t work always that way! If you put hefty fines and some jail terms on people selling tobacco product maybe they would consider the risk too much and would stop selling this tobacco.

  2. I don’t understand these people. I mean, I really, really, don’t understand them. Unless they actually want people who use “sin products” to die from various awful causes of death, like lung cancer, overdoses, acetaminophen toxicity, etc.

    Wait, I do understand these people. And they are fucking total, abject scum.

    1. During Alcohol Prohibition, the Anti-Saloon League successfully lobbied the federal government to make it illegal to put warning labels on denatured (i.e., poisoned) alcohol. The argument was that by warning people what alcohol was unsafe to drink, it would let them know that alcohol without warning label was safe to drink. It was better to have some people die from drinking poison than to let a lot of others drink safely.

      So this “let them die” attitude is not new.

    2. Well… I’m pretty sure they don’t want you to die from cancer, that just wouldn’t be profitable enough for them. These people are looking for money, nothing more, nothing less. See if we introduce a healthier alternative to smoking, which doesn’t fall under any of the smokers taxes, we are effectively cutting off their funding. They don’t do too well with that. It’s not health concerns at all, they don’t care. It’s all financial. Even the FDA is in on it, and every single safe alternative that is even slightly effective will be brought down to keep those tax dollars rolling in

      1. Actually, people dying from Cancer is just fine with them. There’s a WHOLE lot of money in that. There’s a WHOLE lot of money in tobacco, too. Imagine a world where…

        No more Billions in tax dollars to spend. No more Billions spent in Cancer treatment. No more Billions spent in Cancer research. No more Billions in retail tobacco sales.

        Plenty of money to commit what amounts to murder, they know they’re doing exactly that, and they are just fine with it.

  3. Your injunction link is busted.

  4. Dr. Winckoff is the anthropomorphization of “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

    It’s an absolute fact that these e-cigarettes are the same as patches and gum (on all important accounts). What gets Dr. Winckoff’s panties in a bunch is how it looks, and that makes him a professional asshole.

    If he’s reading this, come down from on high and try to convince us all that we should ban a safe alternative to cigarettes because flavors “may appeal to children”.

    1. The modern-day Temperance Movement isn’t concerned with the practical applications of the Devil’s work. Sinners don’t deserve sympathy, just forgiveness upon recanting.

  5. Seems to me that e-cigarettes might help some folks quit smoking, and apparently Dr. Winckoff agrees. His “threat to the children” angle rings a little hollow, though. The impression I get from folks like him is that yes, they want people to quit smoking, but quitters should have to suffer some, too. No chaw, snus, or e-smokes to ease the pain!

    1. No, they don’t really want people to quit, they want to keep adding a quarter here and a nickel there to the tobacco tax.

  6. Wait. This twit thinks that kids will smoke e-cigs because they aren’t as cool as regular cigarettes? They’ll be the ultimate rebel smoking this safe cigarette?


  7. I have an issue with propylene glycol vapor. My throat gets quite irritate around operating fog machines.

    1. Normal cigarettes contain Prophylne Glycol as well

    2. Vegetable Glycerin is available as an alternative suspension fluid for those who are allergic to propylene glycol or simply prefer it.

  8. I would love to see a logic diagram on this position.

  9. Very weak argument. Especially at the rate young people take up smoking real cigarettes.
    You actually think a young smoker is going to switch from an e-cig to a real one. I’m laughing at the stupidity of the entire argument.

  10. shelling out $80 for an e-cigarette starter kit and $20 for each ten-pack of cartridges

    Think of the children taxes.

  11. The plan for pharmaceutical company supporters is to shut down worldwide nicotine markets except medical and tobacco sources. They don’t know the difference between smoke and nicotine and are waging a war on addiction itself rather than the cause of harm. They pretend they do not understand recreational use.

    If NRT works then why do so many people smoke? Would ecigs work if pharm companies had a monopoly – no because they would lose their captive customers.

    They’ll leave us with the deadliest and most ineffective nicotine and remove whatever stands in the way of their candy flavour lozenges.

  12. The claim that “Smokers can dramatically reduce their health risks by switching to e-cigarettes” has not been scientifically demonstrated at this point. While I agree that the “think of the children” motif is both tired and hardly applicable, an examination of both short term and long term health effects associated with these devices would be prudent, if only to reign in the rather grand (and so far undemonstrated) health claims made in their advertising.

    1. The health effects of these devices are worse because they may allow many nicotine addicts to continue using nicotine instead of abstaining.

      1. Sorry, Bob. Some people WANT to continue to use nicotine without risking cancer and emphysema. The negative health effects of nicotine are minimal and comparative to caffeine, another addictive drug regularly used by millions. I suppose you’d like to only teach abstinence in sex ed classes as well? What’s wrong with reduced harm and educated decision making? If you want to live in a place where all YOUR decisions are made by those in power, you should move to Iran or some other fundamentalist country. To say e-cigarettes are worse because they allow smokers (that don’t intend to quit anyway) to enjoy nicotine in a relatively safe manner is just plain stupid.

      2. The health effects of using nicotine include the following: improved ability to concentrate, relief of anxiety, control of depression, and short-term memory improvement. Nicotine increases blood pressure and heart rate temporarily–as does exercise. The long-term effects of smoking cessation via nicotine abstinence include weight gain, hypertension, and increased incidence of diabetes (ref. MRFIT study). Those who have achieved smoking cessation without giving up nicotine (i.e. by using e-cigarettes) are enjoying improvements in lung health and markers of cardiovascular health. Cigarette smoke contains about 1200 times the carcinogens found in e-cigarettes, so it is a good bet you will see reductions in cancer incidence long-term among e-cigarette users.

    2. It’s not self-evident? What are the chemicals in cigarettes that cause cancer? Are they found in e-cigs?

      1. There have been no long term placebo controlled studies to determine if they are safer, so me must assume they are not.

        1. You mean the same kind of long term studies that were used to tell Americans to stop eating fat and start eating starches? Oh… that’s right. There were no long term valid studies.

          Sorry sweetie, it’s really none of your business should I decide to inhale a weak nicotine solution. Unless proven otherwise, they should be assumed safe since every single ingredient is either legal or recognized by the FDA as safe.

          1. Well ‘sweetie’, neither I nor Bob really commented one way or the other on whether or not the govt should make it their business, I simply said that the article had an insupportable and unsourced statement about the health effects of e-cigarettes, and that studies about their health effects would be prudent. So take a deep breath there…if you still can. 😉

            1. The “claims” made in the article are completely supported by anecdotal evidence: I CAN take a deep breath now thanks to e-cigarettes. 🙂

              As for “safety” studies, the FDA did do a study and did not find any measurable toxins in the vapor itself but that didn’t stop them from telling the media that they’re as dangerous as cigarettes because they have a similar amount of TSNA as in FDA approved NRT’s and found ONE cartridge that had a trace amount of a humectant used in tobacco.

            2. Do you have any idea how asinine it is to assume inhaling propylene glycol vapor (used in asthma inhalers), added flavors and nicotine is the same or more dangerous than inhaling cigarette smoke?

              This is what happens when you allow the government to do your thinking for you. You start to believe you have some inalienable right to impose your ignorance on others.

        2. You mean like those placebo-controlled studies that proved how safe Chantix is? We never have a complete picture of the safety of a treatment until after it is in general use. Once Chantix was approved and being used by the types of people excluded from clinical trials, we began to see serious problems and quite a few deaths reported. With e-cigarettes we have a much better picture of safety, because they have already been in general use in China for over 5 years and in the US for about 2 years.

    3. We are the guinea pigs. Let us fulfill our destiny.

    4. The e-cig has been on the market for a little over two years, there is no scientific evidence that it is safer than smoking…

      That being said, smoke contains lots of tar, and solid particles where vapor only contains water particles. So that brings one to question if water buildup in the lungs is safer than tar buildup… well common sense will tell you that water is safer.

      I have recently switched over to e-cigs and I can tell you first hand that I have never felt better, quitting smoking has never been easier (in my entire 17 year experience of trying to quit), and saving money isn’t a bad thing either.

      So there may not be enough long term scientific data to support vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking. Yet there is a ton of common sense here that is hard to deny.

  13. Toothpaste, a poison (read the warnings), also comes in a variety of “kid friendly” flavors. Then there are “kid friendly” vitamins, which if ingested in large quantities, can be poisonous. There is no replacement for common sense and proper parenting! I wish the Nannies would stay out of my personal business and my wallet!

  14. E-cigs are only cool to old people like me,we know we are killing ourselves with tobacco,so E-cigs are, if not a lifesaver,certainly a life extender.I’ve been vaping for about 6 months and I feel much better,I breathe fuller,no hacking cough,
    so why Fuck us over (again)?

    1. Because it would really be better if you could just quit altogether and these devices may be preventing that. We have to weigh the health of current adult smokers versus the health of the children who the experts agree will begin smoking due to these devices. Also, seeing people get sick from smoking is a great deterent to new smokers and may save lives of new smokers by stoping them from starting.

      1. You are such a self-righteous ass! You need a life of your own, man.

        1. LOL! You crack me up ddave. Don’t fret, Bob is clearly just some Big Pharma shill. Probably the only job the poor guy could get.

      2. Are you serious??? So no more flavored toothpaste, alcohol, or vitamins for you??? No more over-doing it on Thanksgiving either in that case since over stuffing yourself could be detrimental to your health?? You are a complete moron and someone should take away your right to vote

      3. Bob wrote:
        “Also, seeing people get sick from smoking is a great deterent to new smokers and may save lives of new smokers by stoping them from starting.”

        Freakin’ unbelievable. This guy should be classified as a potential murderer. He thinks it’s perfectly fine to have human beings get sick and die from smoking real cigarettes just to set an example. And to keep any potential live-saving devices out of their hands.

        The self-righteousness and hypocrisy is completely off the map with this guy. Maybe he ought to move to another country like Afghanistan where he can tell the Taliban to stop growing poppy plants. Then let’s see his “brave” little ass get clipped by a Taliban roadside bomb.

        Freakin’ asshole.

      4. Why do you believe that “it would really be better if you could just quit altogether”? Nicotine is not the ingredient in tobacco smoke that causes lung disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer — it’s the smoke! Nicotine relieves depression and anxiety, enchances memory and concentration, and actually prevents some diseases. Therefore, some folks rely on nicotine to maintain normal mood and cognitive abilities. These devices aren’t preventing anything. Those who don’t require nicotine find it easy to taper down using the devices. Those who prefer to use nicotine instead of Cymbalta, Valium, and/or Ritalin should have the option to do so without inhaling deadly smoke. Look up the side effects the drugs just named. Then look up the side effects of a nicotine inhaler. Do a search for “nicotine” and “Lewy bodies” and then suggest an alternative medication to those at risk for Parkinson’s and/or Lewy Body Dementia (there isn’t any.)

      5. Bob: Can you quantify that? How many children do the experts believe will begin smoking tobacco cigarettes because of these devices, and why do they believe that? You see, I haven’t met one single person of any age who has begun using an electronic cigarette and switched to tobacco cigarettes. In fact, those who have replaced all of their tobacco cigarettes with the electronic cigarette now find that tobacco cigarettes taste nasty. The only way they would switch back would be if electronic cigarettes are banned–and even then, they would switch back very reluctantly. So let me put it to you this way: What if you and “the experts” are wrong about this? What if the experts are condemning millions to life on a respirator or being poisoned by chemotherapy–needlessly? If you don’t understand what is morally reprehensible about killing some people as an object lesson to others, I suggest you might want to have a talk with your spiritual advisor.

      6. Good points being made here, vocalek. He should probably be forced to watch a 10-hour documentary about the holocaust without break or interruption, followed by a 10-hour discussion with a rabbi who survived it.

      7. Would it be better if you could just quit altogether?? Before you go making unsupported and unsubstantiated claims, perhaps you should educate yourself?

        Maybe this will help: http://tobaccoanalysis.blogspo…..rison.html

      8. Children are going to shell out $60.00 by credit card online to purchase a product that requires quite a bit of maintenance, not to mention additional associated costs so they can vape bubblegum flavored nicotine-free liquid?

        Get real!

  15. I wonder what Winickoff’s vices are? Perhaps drinking, lust, gorging on junk food?? We already know what his favorite hobby is; meddling in others’ private affairs!

  16. I’d rather die than quit, I wish the interfering eejits would just take their kids out of my face and let me RIP.

  17. “By that logic, e-cigarette distributors who want to prevent underage consumption of their product should pass it out for free in schoolyards and tell kids it’s good for them.”

    Better yet – assign smoking an e-cig as homework and tell ’em it counts for 60% of their grade! Then they’ll shun it for sure.

  18. I have been smoking very heavily since I was about 14. I am now 29 and have completely switched to the E-cigarette. Totally amazing. Ask anyone close to me and they will tell you the same. I’m not sure where all this bad press about them is coming from, or even what the basis is. But I think you’ll find its from groups interested in either making money from this invention, or from people losing money as a direct result of this invention.

    For the record, I am a regular person, the only interaction I have had with E-cigarette companies is buying one for myself. If anyone wants to perform tests on me or document my progress to prove this fact, they are more than welcome to contact me: antidave@email2me.net

    Firstly, if e-cigarettes being marketed to children (which is a bad thing, but I have seen no evidence, I live in Australia, so unless you have a credit card and the ability to order online you aren’t getting one) is a major concern, and another major concern is E-cigarettes supposedly not delivering nicotine (Or the same amount of nicotine as ‘sham smoking’). Then what is the concern?

    Under the reasoning that they DONT deliver nicotine (which I don’t believe for a second, there’s no I’ve gone a week without cigarettes with no withdrawals), why is it an issue that kids will get addicted to them?

    Secondly; If e-cigarettes give out no nicotine, then what’s the problem exactly? Are you saying that me quitting smoking tobacco which contains LOADS of nicotine to replace it with a replica device that delivers no nicotine or smoke is a bad thing? If this is the case, I have just quit smoking for over a week and have gone without nicotine completely with no side effects and have broken my dependency on nicotine. How could that possibly be worse than a patch, gum, inhaler or lozenge that keeps nicotine levels in my system up, and hence the addiction alive and well.

    At risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I think these “studies” and “articles” are being conducted by Big Tobacco companies. Just show your e-cig to friends who smoke and you’ll see why Tobacco companies should be running in fear from this modern miracle. As if they’re not going into damage control.

    As for the FDA, I live in Australia so they don’t concern me. And I more readily believe the NZ Health study which said E-cigarettes are a healthy alternative to tobacco smoking. And that levels of TSNAs and Carcinogens were detected but in levels too low to be damaging. Compare that result with studies done on tobacco smoke. You don’t even need statistics. All you need is a basic grasp of the difference between combustion (i.e. flashpoint physics. Burn a steak or a piece of toast and you’ll get carcinogens for god’s sake) and atomisation. The difference in the operating temperatures alone shows you that cigarettes are worse. And worse than that, positively evil.

    I for one would like to see the insidious Tobacco Industry crash and burn for the mere nature of their products and intention. I equate this to humans stopping the use of asbestos in houses or lead based paint. They’ve lost me, and several of my friends, millions of smokers world-wide and there’s more to come.

    To the FDA and Big Tobacco: F*#K OFF! Let some people save their own lives and take their own fate and health into their hands without you creepily stealing money out of their back pockets or breathing down their necks, or attempting to get them re-hooked on their addictive death.

    1. Amen, brother.

    2. You said it. E-cigs helped me quit only a week after I started. I wasn’t even trying to quit. 6 weeks now. I feel wonderful, I’m not bothering anyone, and I’m saving money. I’m also saving my insurance companies money. This is a bad thing? What idiots. This may be the answer everyone’s been looking for, and instead of studying them and helping perfect them, they trash it. Unbelievable the kind of greedy and control freak people who are running this country. Free country? Not anymore. I know who I’m NOT voting for next time around. I can make my own health decisions, thank you.

    3. E-Cigarettes can administer nicotine, there are many different E-Juices out there in many different strengths, but there are also a wide variety of e-juices that offer 0% nicotine levels.

      Also there have been many world renowned doctors that say that the amount of nicotine you get from a e-cigarette is about as bad as drinking a can of coke, I know of many people that would rather open one of your arteries instead of giving up their morning coke?

      Wow that sounds like an addiction there.

      To all of the Vapers out there (You cannot call is smoking cause we are not actually smoking) I say write to your local congressmen, state and city officials, let’s eliminate the ignorance of this issue!

      Look up e-cig, electronic cigarette on the internet, YouTube, everywhere you can and help to eliminate the ignorance, once people understand that standing next to the dude who smoked 15 minutes ago is more harmful then hanging with an e-smoker for the rest of their life, we will start to see a level of acceptance, not tolerance? acceptance.

      Ignorance and prejudice are our greatest opponents?

      People fear what they do not understand.

  19. wow…. this is such a joke…. Its much harder for kids to get E-cigs. They are sold mostly online and require credit cards. just like http://www.electroniccigarettesource.com So let’s stop selling cigarettes all together then. Cuz it’s a risk to children, why don’t they bring that up? There have been flavored cigs… for YEARS!!! 🙂

    1. yeah, the flavored cigs have been around for years. Recently, (October 31, 2009) the FDA finally started ‘regulating’ regular cigs and all NRT’s (nicotine replacement therapy). The first thing they put into place was removing all forms of flavored tobacco in cigs. So no more chocolate, vanilla, or menthol??? wait, they decided that menthol would not be included in the ban??? any ideas why???? I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out its cause they make way too much off of those…

      The next thing put into place was FSC… The Fire safe Cig which was created to allow a smoke to burn out if not used for about 30 seconds. So… now we have tar to make them burn slow, rocket fuel to keep them lit, and ethylene vinyl acetate to stop them from burning? WTF FDA? Here is the wiki on that new chemical which is essentially a form of Rubber… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E…..yl_acetate yup put that in your lungs mmmmmm…

      So now instead of going after the original killer (and major campaign contributor). they are going after that contributor’s competition. Cause it’s profitable. Yes these are the people who keep us safe from BIG BUSINESS and their evil ways, you can find more safety in a room full of rabid chipmunks…

    2. Really perfectly said Mike wow like your question so much. If we want to stop selling means am sure tobacco cigarette companies also stop selling cigarettes. You are super.

  20. I believe that e-cigarettes are a new chance for adult smokers to save what is left from their health, because they are not so dangerius, even though some reserchers said that it was not proved till the end that they are so good and minimize the risk of having a desease caused by smoking. It is true that e-cigs are sold online, but still is a threten for children to even know about the existence of these cigarettes. Anyway the best thing to do is not even try to smoke and this way adults and kids would be more protected.

  21. Bob, you are just all messed up in the head. In one breath you complain about the nanny state sticking its nose in your business, and in the next you stick yours in smoker’s and vaper’s business. Do you not recognize your own hypocrisy? I smoked, I vape, I have no desire or intention to quit using nicotine – but prefer the source to be safer vapor. And it’s none of your friggin’ business. Kindly keep your self-righteous, judgemental, hypocritical ass to yourself until you’ve resolved your internal conflicts.

    1. Did it ever occur to you that there is more than one “Bob” commenting? Apparently not! lol

      1. Now that I’ve perused the posts again, I can see that as a possibility. It might have helped if “Rational Bob” had disavowed any connection to “Wacko Bob.” “Rational” being the “leave people alone” Bob.

  22. E-cigs are a life saver. Anyone who wants to condemn them is by extension a virtual killer. The argument that e-cigs could lead kids to smoking is so absurd it doesn’t bear hearing. Anyone who says such a thing simply does not know what vaping is like; it looks easy and it looks like smoking so it must be cool, right? Wrong, dummies. Using an e-cig successfully involves a significant learning curve that no kid will have the attention span to negotiate – particularly when cigarettes are so readily available and ‘cool.’ Peer pressure alone will prevent kids from using such a geeky thing as an e-cig. The naysayers just want to run your life; it’s that simple. Nothing but complete abstinence will satisfy these people. Wishfully, they’d apply that thinking to their own reproductive cycles and stop replicating.

  23. We sell electronic cigarettes. We’ve tried marketing to the 20-something crowd and found very little interest in the product. I just don’t see any interest in the product by the 18 and under crowd.

    1. The 30 something crowd is the way to go! we will smoke your not so death sticks

  24. I provide reviews of e-cigs, and I am ALL for Vaping. The health boards and FDA will certainly think about this industry and study it long and hard before coming to any conclusions, I hope.

    1. Unfortunately, FDA is not thinking long and hard about this, they are using every trick in the book to ban them. They’ve already made up their minds. FDA is funded by Big Pharma and Big Tobacco. E-Cig sales = Lost Revenue to FDA. That’s the shimmy.

  25. What I don’t get is why people keep saying that these products are unregulated. I’m not from the US but surely you have regulation of the consumer market and goods that are dangerous are not allowed for sale?

    What sort of regulation is needed for goodness sake that can’t be covered by consumer law to keep the market open?

    Why ban a good thing just because safeguards haven’t been set up yet?

    It just doesn’t add up, regulation of nicotine doesn’t need to mean extermination of a good product.

    1. yeah, we can’t sell E-cocaine straws… those fkrs shut me down quick… and my cocaine is so much cleaner than the competition… I should start a petition

  26. This is ridiculous! These are not directed toward children…The FDA is just pissed because they can’t get the taxes out of them so they are trying to get people to stay away from them and saying whatever they can to do so. The FDA is just as corrupt as any other government organization!!! I smoke a Crown7 Electric cigarette and ill be damned if it didn’t save my life! Just someone try to take it away from me!!!

  27. Just my 2 cents worth, if he really cares about saving children. close down mxdoalnds and fast food places, has anyone seen kids they are FAT, when i went to school there where maybe 1 or 2 fat kids now its more then half. and this guy is worried about nicotene sheez. i bet he drives theres more poison comming out his car in a day then from 100 ecigs

  28. Ok, so if they are trying to appeal to the nation’s youth, let’s review other products we can remove flavor from? cough syrup, mouthwash, toothpaste, nicotine gum, liquor/Schnapps, and anything else that could potentially be bad that is flavored to appeal to underage users?

    Get a clue. I use to smoke 1.5 packs a day, I tried everything to help me quit, gum, patches, chantix, and a few anti depressants my doctor said would help? well needless to say nothing worked, and I wasted well over a grand on these methods, when I got my E-Cigarette I never looked back and have since toned down the strength to the point I believe I could completely stop.

    Better yet I am now not taking in the 4000+ harmful chemicals, nor am I expelling toxic vapors to the people in my general surroundings.

    I have gotten over 15 people that I know who use to be smokers, switched over to the electronic cigarettes and many people in the office are very glad that I did.

    We do have a couple of people in the office that still do not like it but they are LDS, they seem to never be happy, I will leave that one at that? but for the rest of my co-workers they are glad that I no longer come in from outside reeking of cigarette smoke, and dragging in toxic vapors that could potentially give them cancer.
    You should work towards educating your children about the dangers of smoking, unfortunately they are humans like we are and their curiosity is strong, their urge to try new things is unparalleled, and if they want to do something they will find a way.
    I will not carry on but I will say if my 6 year old daughter were to eventually experiment with smoking, I would much rather her experiment with an E-Cigarette instead of a Cigarette, something that is not going to cause any health risks, and will not harm other people.

  29. They kill tens of thousands; maim and disfigure hundreds of thousands every year. They come in myriad of shapes and colors that attract young people. They emit toxic and poisonous fumes. Of all the humanities; how many more must die and suffer. Ban them, do it for the kids, I implore you, ban them now. CARS!

    1. Because it would really be better if you could just quit driving altogether and electric vehicles may be preventing that. We have to weigh the health of current drivers versus the health of the children who the experts agree will begin driving due to these devices. Also, vehicular homicide is a great deterent to new drivers and may save lives of new drivers by stoping them from starting.

  30. Electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers are definitely top notch in my book. I made the switch after smoking for more than a decade. The article is right too, I’ve saved thousands of dollars in my year now as an e-cig smoker. All the effects of smoking that damaged my body making me cough and unable to taste or breathe properly are gone but I bet I’ve saved even more money because I refilled my cartridges instead of purchasing new cartridges each time they’ve gone dry. I also purchased my starter kit for much less than the kit mentioned above. My supplier is fast, affordable and always answers any questions I have, I really recommend them and I’ve been a happy customer. They even have a starter kit for only $27.95! Take a look at their site, freshsmoking[.]com . You’ll be happy you made the switch too, at least your wallet will! lol.

  31. I was a smoker for 30 years i started ecigs a month ago and quit analog cigs one day later. I have 3 children here at the house and they were interested in the units at first as they light up but after a talk with them they are no longer interested in them as the newness has worn off. Plus the upkeep on them is more then they would be interested in. I feel the fda is trying to get money anyway they can and if banning them is the way then thats what they are gonna do.

    I have converted quite a few people so far and will continue to do just that. I come in contact with about 50 people a day in my job so i will continue to steer them in the direction of knowledgable sources online rather then shills for big tobacco or big pharms

  32. What about all the frooty tooty flavors that alcohol comes in. Also, ever notice in the alcohol commercials that most of people in them would be carded if they tried to buy alcohol ?

    What’s that all about ?

  33. The guy’s name is John Winickoff, pronounced “when-I-cough”–you really can’t make this stuff up! (LOL) But seriously, this guy is a real douche. He’s the same one who invented the bogus concept of “third-hand smoke.”

  34. I think that this is ridiculous. Why is this guy butting in anyway. The FDA has no right to stop e cigarettes from coming into the country. They are safer than a regular cigarette. I work for Envy Electronic Cigarettes and I use the e cigs. They are a wonderful innovative invention. I quit smoking after smoking for 15 years and I would not have been able to do it without the e cigs. I think that the government is overstepping their boundries. These are not marketed to kids and you have to be 18 to buy them whether it is in a store or online. These are ridiculous claims.

  35. The FDA is a bunch of BS, Flavored tobacco is popular amongst elders so for the fda to state that is targeting children is a total crap! I cannot be any happier knowing that an electronic cig has helped me to quit smoke hazardous conventional cigarettes for good! An electronic cigarette is surely for the future for smoking! If the FDA really cares about it’s citizens health than it should look into testing this products since 500,000 US citizens are dying from smoking conventional cigarettes! rather than using children as a tool to ban this amazing product!

  36. The FDA should look into this amazing invention since conventional cigarettes are responsible for more than 500,000 deaths annually in the US alone! Rather than using Children as a tactic trying ban this great product!

  37. I love vaping on my flavored electronic cigarette and im 38 years old!

  38. “More to the point, when conventional cigarettes are readily available to minors, it is hard to see how introducing a much less hazardous alternative will hurt them.” Totally agree. Traditional cigs are legal and available, why not a less hazardous alternative? Seems rather silly.

  39. “More to the point, when conventional cigarettes are readily available to minors, it is hard to see how introducing a much less hazardous alternative will hurt them.” Totally agree. Traditional cigarettes (with 4k more chemicals) are legal, why not a less harmful alternative?

  40. “More to the point, when conventional cigarettes are readily available to minors, it is hard to see how introducing a much less hazardous alternative will hurt them.” Totally agree. Traditional cigarettes (with 4k more chemicals) are legal, why not a less harmful alternative?

  41. No second hand smoke.
    No cigarette buds.
    No tobacco odor.
    Reduced carbon emissions.

    Forget about the smokers, e-cigarettes are much better for the majority that don’t smoke. Being a non-smoker I feel a lot more comfortable going out with friends that use e-cigarettes.

    They address so many issues:
    -Residential neighborhoods plagued by noise of smokers congregating outside nightclubs/restaurants (in countries with smoking bans)
    -It is alleged that the odor from cigarettes could entice a child to smoke since they are familiar with the smell of a parents clothing from an early age. They could link this scent to certain events, hence enticing them to smoke in the future.

    As soon as the manufacturers cut through the FDA red tape this will be a breakthrough product. Then all they need to do is get rid of other prehistoric devices such as over sized newspapers (Apple are making in- roads) and computer keyboards/mouse (totally primitive tools).

  42. .., i will be honest to say that e-cigarette has helped me a lot when it comes to my smoking addiction… this has make me quit somehow….

  43. I have smoked for twenty five years and have tried the patch, gum, chantix and cold turkey. I purchased my first electronic cigarette last week and today will be my sixth day without smoking. I have already dropped down a “level” in the nicotine. These are best thing I ever seen to aid in the fight against tobacco. To try to ban these is just ignorant and sad. Lives will be saved by these.

  44. I just think that children are used as a material for the sole purpose of a solid reasoning to ban this products & not viewing entirely as a much safer replacement from hazardous traditional smoking which is the # 1 killing product

  45. i smoked for 35yrs and got a esmoke quit somking thank god for them

  46. i like this concept thanks for the useful post.

  47. Again politics at it’s very best, using children as an excuse to ban a none taxable product!

  48. To me this sounds like the old school tobacco companies and lobbies throwing their money and weight around to stop the new young threat on the block.

  49. But e-cigarettes are simply an alternative to smoking cigarettes. One of the dangers of smoking tobacco cigarettes is the threat of carbon monoxide. Many users never had an alternative to tobacco that allowed them to get the same sensation but without carbon monoxide. Those days are over. ? The electronic cigarette allows you to smoke a vapor that is free of carbon monoxide. This is just one of the many benefits that the electronic cigarette vapor has to offer over smoke.

  50. I’m against banning. Electronic cigarettes are for sure more safer than analog ones, why to ban them? I’d be OK if regular cigarettes were banend though.

  51. I’m against. Rather the regular ones should be forbidden.

  52. I’m against banning. eCigs are definitely safer

  53. I don’t think that kids will try to smoke e-cigs, because they are not so cheap as regular cigs are. However, adults should be very attentively to not sell this kind of smokeless cig to children. Bye, bye and protect the health of your kids, because they are our future!!!

  54. I debunked the old politically contrived “candy and fruit flavored” cigarette argument on my blog complete with pictures:


    NRTs such as the gum and lozenges are LITERALLY gum and candy with nicotine in them sold right on the bottom shelf in view of kids in many stores instead of behind the counter where they should be.

    Winickoff’s claim that nicotine is dangerous and that kids can’t be reliably protected from nicotine consumption via a stray e-cig would have to apply to “FDA approved” gum and candy as well.

    Don’t tell me that the gum and candy isn’t a threat either. Kids are whiffing oven cleaner from under the kitchen sink to get high in many cases!

    Also, if the recent ban on candy and fruit flavors wasn’t political then why didn’t they also ban menthol? Menthol is THE #1 most popular “flavor” among under age smokers not strawberry or grape!

    America needs to maintain its status as the “land of the free, and the home of the brave.” You can’t protect everyone from themselves..


  55. I don’t care if people say that they are ‘safer’ or ‘more dangerous’ than the traditional cigarette, the matter is that those stupid things make me cough and hack like a maniac! The kicker is that I am not the one smoking them!!! I walk past the little stand in the mall that is selling them with a dude walking around using one and then I have to take my inhaler after passing them! (I make sure that they see me coughing in their direction. Yeah, I know; mature right?) ;P

  56. Thanks for another fantastic post. I am always looking for original tips to suggest to my own readers. Thanks for creating this post. It’s just what I was trying to find. Truly phenomenal post. You find more tips on http://www.smokegeniecigs.com/

  57. I have recently switched over to electronic cigarettes and let me tell you that I have never felt better, quitting smoking has never been easier.

  58. Electric cigarette is the all new alternative smoking solution that is taking the world by storm. This is one of the best ways to quit smoking forever.

  59. if it has nicotine then it should be banned

  60. I totally agree, any form of smoking should be banned specially for children. E-cigarettes is no different from tobaccos and should be regulated or at least there should also be a government warning on their labels.

  61. in the first place why would you allow your children to smoke

  62. I smoked for ten years of my life and the only thing that has helped me get off of “cancer sticks” is the e cig everyone should just do their job of being a parent and inform their children of the harn of smoking and stop worring about us current smokers and let us use our e cigs in peace so we can live heathier and fuller lives and to you bob your an uneducated dooch bag rot in hell

  63. i’m for this ban our children’s should be protected against this e-cig! they should wait till there 18

  64. E-cig or not it should not be able for children!!

  65. Been researching this most of the day this was very helpful thanks.

  66. any type of cigarettes should be ban if it concerns children the risk is too great for the government to allow such a thing

  67. i see no reason why there should be no such ban against any form of cigarettes specially if it concerns the health of our childrens

  68. Cigarettes should never be available to children, period.

  69. i find your blog very interesting lots of good post and readable articles. Keep it up i will surely bookmark your site and visit it for future readings!

  70. indeed p90x, it should be ban and should have a penalty for anyone selling it to the childrens

  71. you definitely need to ban this specially when it concerns children

  72. Well said, remind me of a lot of things this past few years! anyways you have a very nice blog here and good articles including this which i love reading and gives me a lot of insight on the topic.

  73. how old do you have to be to smoke electronic cigarettes?

    1. As long as you’re age is legal.

  74. You’re absolutely right! These aren’t for children but the argument that kids are going to be “enticed” into picking these things up is complete bull.

    Frankly, there are much better – and cheaper – choices for kids out there that want to get “high” and paying $80 for an electronic cigarette isn’t going to be one of them.

    @Heartburn cure – 18 years old

  75. People are used to observe well known persons puffing in the films, even though with years as well as with the dynamic anti puffing operations you can detect much less smoking actors and thespians. So, it was rather surprising to detect Johnny Depp, who acts the role of an US traveler in the brand new film “The Tourist”, smoking a cigarette. But, as the chapter discloses, he simply puffs an e-cigarette, a soft switch for people who wish to abandon puffing.

  76. People are used to observe well known persons puffing in the films, even though with years as well as with the dynamic anti puffing operations you can detect much less smoking actors and thespians. So, it was rather surprising to detect Johnny Depp, who acts the role of an US traveler in the brand new film “The Tourist”, smoking a cigarette. But, as the chapter discloses, he simply puffs an e-cigarette, a soft switch for people who wish to abandon puffing.

  77. People are used to observe well known persons puffing in the films, even though with years as well as with the dynamic anti puffing operations you can detect much less smoking actors and thespians. So, it was rather surprising to detect Johnny Depp, who acts the role of an US traveler in the brand new film “The Tourist”, smoking a cigarette. But, as the chapter discloses, he simply puffs an e-cigarette, a soft switch for people who wish to abandon puffing.

  78. Electronic cigarettes are presented like a type of “assistants” for individuals who agree to stop smoking – they do have nicotine of different quantities, but do not contain different destructive constituents that are situated in the common puffs.

  79. I’m definitely against banning these things. Is there any question that they’re safer than real cigarettes?

  80. Definitely don’t ban them. This is how I quit smoking. Also, @Heartburn cure: You have to be 18 to smoke ecigs.

  81. Definitely don’t ban them. This is how I quit smoking. Also, @Heartburn cure: You have to be 18 to smoke ecigs.

  82. e-cig is not for children anyway but rather it is for the adult who loves to take cigarette in a healthier way.

  83. As long as your age is legal – you can already use electronic cigarette.

  84. Informative blog.I just think that children are used as a material for the sole purpose of a solid reasoning to ban this products & not viewing entirely as a much safer replacement from hazardous traditional smoking.

  85. I’m sorry, but I don’t agree. E cigarettes must not be banned. I think they are a lot safer than regular cigarettes.

  86. I don’t agree with the title. E cigs are much safer than regular cigarettes.

  87. It’s amazing to me that this guy is a professor at Harvard. Wow, I’d love to know what he teaches his students. Let’s learn how to use children to get your point across today students, even if it doesn’t make any sense. So if e cigarette companies put age restrictions on their product it only makes children want them more? What an amazing argument. Great article.

  88. It amazes me why anyone would think that e cigarettes are a danger to children. They are less toxic then traditional cigarettes. Also, how many children have credit card to go online and purchase these devices? Do parents provide their children with credit cards these days? I sure hope not.

  89. I think that they should just put an age restriction on it and be done with it. Kids have been dying from snorting bath salts to get high… This is the least of our worries.

  90. I believed that electronic cigarettes are an excellent technology and the potential cost savings to our health care will prove to be tremendous, with this product you can enjoy ecigs anywhere with smokeless cigarettes just think no more standing in the cold or rain to take a smoke no more of the negative effects of tobacco based product. http://www.ecigaretteit.com

  91. Yeah, I don’t see why e cigarettes would be banned and not regular cigs.

  92. None of this e cigarette banning makes any sense to me. http://www.smokelessecigarette…..-the-best-

  93. Whoa Whoa. Wait a sec, why arent we banninf REAL cigs then? I think restricting marketing trends is one thing, but to ban something because children MIGHT get ahold of it, is a little much. What if they get ahold of real cigs? guns? nuclear weapons? a spice girls cd? Bad things can happen, its up to the parent to teach thier kids whats best. I would love to hear anyones reply to my comment

  94. Wait a sec, then why dont we ban real cigs? children can get ahold of those too?

  95. what about when kids get ahold of real cigs?

  96. Definetely agree, electronic cigarettes are not for kids, the electronic cigarette companies have had their hands slapped a few times for adding flavors that appeals to kids. Good post, thanks!

  97. Great post, I agree that electronic cigarettes should not be used by kids. The ecig companies have had their hands slapped a few times over this.

  98. And so good page love it.

  99. And so good page love it fr nice text.

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