Obama's "Plan B" for Organized Labor?


Roll Call's Bret Jacobson reports that despite the apparent death of the pro-union Employee Free Choice Act, the Obama administration still has a few tricks up its sleeve to keep organized labor happy. As Jacobson writes:

[Today's] nomination hearing for National Labor Relations Board nominee Craig Becker officially marks a quiet but important pivot in the administration's strategy to meet the agenda demands of its biggest donor base, organized labor. Visible, big-ticket items are now out. What's in? Under-the-radar regulatory efforts….

If they can't get "card check" through a broad, participatory legislative process, they'll push to grab a similar victory through the federal board's ability to regulate without approval of the people's Representatives.

As such, this hearing — demanded by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who is troubled by Becker's blatantly anti-employer views — signals that we have officially hit plan B on the administration's strategy for pandering to the organized labor lobby. This new course will focus on the quiet job-killer of regulation and card check by fiat.

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