Haggis Legalization Update: Too Soon to Tell



Looks like the U.S. is being coy about its intentions with regard to that offal Scottish staple, haggis. I blogged earlier in the week that after a 21 year ban due to fears about mad cow disease, legalization was on the table because:

the World Organization for Animal Health ruled sheep's lungs do not convey a variant of the disease, and the U.S. is expected to reopen the haggis floodgates shortly.

That's what I get for using the phrase "haggis floodgates." While many Burns Nights were made merrier by the prospect of legalization, it looks like there's a long road ahead. (Question: Shall we take the high road or the low road?)

A Department of Agriculture spokeman has indicated that a review is underway, but gave the BBC no timeline for completion. Worse still:

To open the path for Transatlantic trade in true haggis, two rules will have to be changed, and as far as the BBC has been able to determine, only one is currently even being reviewed.

We can only hope the president will address this important issue in his State of the Union address tonight. If you hear the phrase "O what a glorious sight/Warm-reekin, rich!"—drink!