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Jets Fan Arrested at Chargers Game


Jets fan and New York native William Carroll was arrested in San Diego Sunday while cheering for his team at the Jets-Chargers game. Here's the video:

Undisputed: Carroll was arrested after an off-duty San Diego cop texted stadium police that a Jets fan was being drunk and belligerent.

Police account: Carroll was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication, then got an additional charge for resisting arrest. Police say the video doesn't show what happened before the arrest: They say Carroll refused to leave after being asked three times by police. They say the video also doesn't show him striking a defense posture, attempting to headbutt an officer, and balling his hand into a fist.

Carroll's account: Even San Diego fans sitting around Carroll protested the arrest, and can be heard on the video telling police Carroll didn't do anything wrong. Carroll says he wasn't drunk, and the police refused to let him take a breath test to prove his sobriety. He says he was only asked to leave once, and refused because he hadn't done anything illegal.

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  1. Damn those are some fat ass cops.

  2. Holy shit that pissed me off to no end.

    I’m so glad I’m in Korea right now. I haven’t been here long and will research into this, but I’m fairly certain that type of shit doesn’t happen here.

    1. Even if it doesn’t happen there, you still have to worry about getting nuked and/or having a million North Koreans popping out of tunnels under the DMZ and pouring into Seoul. Not sure which is worse.

      1. Man my grandfather talked to me about this to NO end.

        Most heavily guarded border in the world vs. a famished nation. I feel pretty safe.

        (Interesting sidenote: I learned last night at dinner with some coworkers that most Koreans don’t speak Kim-Jong Il’s name. Like…He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Voldemort shit.

        1. Doesn’t Korean have an appropriate term for him, like “Cockwarbler” or “Twatwallet”?

          1. I like the shit out of this.

            How did I never think of Twatwallet? My vulgarity has assuredly been retarded to not have assembled that beauty.

            I say the filthiest shit with impunity in the streets here. Raw ass shit that no one but me understands. AWESOME.

            Kimchi…is a taste I have yet to acquire. Food here is so godamn hit/miss. Every time I pan the river I’m equally like to sieve out shit or gold.

            I think it’s hilarious that I had to leave the hemisphere to find work. But fuck it. For the first time in my life I’m actually working for a living on my own.

            I feel like such a good young libertarian.

            1. Word to the wise: all Koreans know English profanity because it is used in movies.

              Also: you will grow to love kimchee. At first, i hated the spicy sauerkraut. After six months there, I ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, just like the natives.

          2. For men: “ship seki;” for women “hobak.”

        2. They will come after you for your kimchi.

  3. If they didn’t charge him with being a Jets fan, that whole arrest was bogus.

  4. Ice-T was a prophet.

    1. Then he became a douchebag cop on TV.

  5. Doesn’t your ticket usually say that the stadium owner can eject you at their discretion? So refusal to leave could be interpreted as trespassing.

    I don’t see how it could be construed as resisting arrest though. As for the headbutting and fist-clenching, let’s see what the neutral witnesses say.

    1. Then they could have sent an usher down first. Instead the team took extreme measures first.

      I’m glad the Chargers fan defended the guy and even decided that making sure the cops didn’t get away with it was more important than the stupid game.

    2. I saw him toss a snowball. The guy was guilty.

      1. A snowball, eh … the old elusive San Diego snowball, and to think they didn’t find it when they patted him down at the front gate!

        1. Frank, Haven’t you heard of global freezing?

    3. Doesn’t your ticket usually say that the stadium owner can eject you at their discretion? So refusal to leave could be interpreted as trespassing.

      Did he refuse a request from stadium ownership? I thought it was one off-duty pig texting his buddies that a goddam Jets fan needed his ass kicked.

      1. You don’t really think that the owner would have to get personally involved do you?

        1. In a private venue, cops have no authority to make you leave as long as you aren’t breaking any laws, in which case they can make you leave by arresting you. Only the venue owner or a representative (like a manager) can ask you to leave, after which you’re trespassing, and therefore committing a crime. A stadium rep would not have to personally ask the guy to leave, but the rep would at least have had to communicate to cops a desire to have the guy go. The cops can’t eject him without the stadium rep’s participation.

  6. an off-duty San Diego cop texted stadium police

    *deep breath*

    It’s not helping.

    An off-duty pig calls for backup because some guy sitting close to him is CHEERING FOR THE WRONG TEAM, clearly a violation of his proppitty rights. Why didn’t he just pull out his piece and croak the guy?

  7. I wonder President Obama thinks the cops acted stupidly this time?

  8. There are Jets fans?

    I’ll note that Tulpa’s default reaction is, as always, to assume the arrest was valid, though to his credit in this case he’s willing to hear what “neutral” witnesses say. Even though Chargers fans–not theoretically neutral–thought the arrest was bogus.

    1. Where did I assume the arrest was valid? Failing to piss and moan about how terrible all police everywhere are does not constitute assuming the arrest was valid.

      1. So you don’t assume the arrest was valid?

        1. No, I don’t assume the arrest was valid. I don’t have enough information to take a stand either way.

    2. And by “neutral” I meant not the cops and not the guy or his companions. So the Chargers fans would count.

  9. At least they didn’t shoot the poor guy. I call that a win.

    1. Fortunately, pets aren’t allowed in the stadium.

    2. This time, for once, his dog is grateful to have been left at home.

      1. They didn’t even tase him. Progress?

        1. They tried, but the new “IOU One Tasing” cartridges haven’t had much of an impact.

  10. Stupid lowlife fat PUNK cops. Its PUNK cops like this i just LOVE to hear about in the news that get clipped in the line of duty!


    1. Is it okay to give anonybot a +1 ?

      May I have a ruling please?

    2. Hope you’re able to fix soon.

      1. Wow, the bot gets more worked up about Police misconduct then I do.

      2. Anonymity bot is a better commenter than many of our trolls.

  11. some one could have easily grabbed that pistol and shot someone. Shouldn’t the police be required to secure their own fire arms? We have to keep our locked up.

  12. Sports fans + police = sociopath smorgasbord.

    1. Sports New York fans + police = sociopath smorgasbord.

      All fixed now.

  13. I didn’t get my newspaper and don’t have access to radio or tv. Who won the game?

    1. You clearly have internet access.

  14. Of course, if it had been a Chargers fan and New York cops, then fan would be dead.

    1. If it had been NYPD and a guy at his bachelor party, the guy would be dead.

      1. Wow – you’re an idiot! Yeah – I am a retired NYPD police officer, and the funny thing here is that you bunch of immature hypocrites would be the first to dial 911 to get us over to help you. If you state anything otherwise, add liar to the aforementioned list. Tools!

    2. “Toilet plunger rape” comes to mind.

  15. Has the League Office weighed in? Will they fine the Chargers for “actions detrimental to the Game bottom line?

    1. I’m guessing they’ll sue the guy with the camera for broadcasting without the expressed, written consent of the NFL.

  16. If it had been the NYPD and a guy obeying their demand to see his I D, the guy’d be dead.

  17. Public intoxication?

    I stopped going to NFL games because of how drunk the fans in the stands were. And I was getting free tickets. And I love drinking. But the obnoxious drunks in the stands were too much for me.

    From my own experience, I’d bet that the Jets fan was taunted way more by equally drunk Chargers fans around him for the entire game.

    What was the score at the time of the arrest? I bet it was at a time when the Charger fans were beginning to suspect that they were once again about to flame out.

  18. That cop in the middle needs to cut back on the donuts.

  19. off-duty San Diego cop texted stadium police that a Jets fan was being drunk and belligerent

    With great power comes great responsibility . . .

    1. Responsiblility is for little people

  20. I’ve seen security guards and cops at the old Veteran’s Stadium take opposing team fans into protective custody. Given the nature of Eagles’ fans, it’s prima facie justified.

  21. “… a Jets fan was being drunk and belligerent.”

    Is that not the default mode of existance for a Jets fan?

  22. i’m ok with the concept of a group of responsible people who swear an oath to protect society, but once again, the people who are charged with this task prove that they are the biggest assholes in society.

  23. Pretty forward thinking. The cops think to themselves “This guy is cheering for the wrong team that’s also winning. He might get beat up. We better do it to make sure he’s ok and his rights are protected”.
    This is why I don’t call them unless it’s to clean up the mess on my living room floor!!!!!

  24. I’ve been in San Diego for quite some time. SDPD spends most of its time and resources breaking up parties and harassing college students. Those officers really have gotten into the habit of talking to citizens like children.

  25. This is what happens when you go to SD and cheer for the wrong team. He’s lucky the cops didn’t give him a little stick time.

  26. This is terrible! His rights were trampled.

    Then again, he WAS a Jets fan. Barely even American. Maybe next time you get “not drunk” at a football game, don’t be caught in wearing Jets stuff. You think they would have arrested a Giants or 49’ers fan? No way.

  27. That was awsome. That guy would have been kciked out alot faster in NY. Did you guys hear that idiot yelling at the cops, MAN! did he bitch out after that cop confronted him. LMAO

  28. I can’t believe this actually happened at a game. If he didn’t do anything illegal then this is totally messed up. Just because someone has the power doesn’t give them the right to abuse it. If the cop didn’t like it so much then he should of left the game. The charger fans could of easily silenced out the guy with their cheers and had some fun with it. Aren’t you supposed to cheer anyways at a game and be annoying as possible? That’s basically what stadiums were built for. Not to sit their quietly while your team is losing/winning.

  29. Each one of the officers involved in this should be fired. These baboons shoot steroids and get they’re testosterone levels max out. Then they pick the weakest possible victim and attack him like he’s a real threat. These officers are real jokes. These are the ones that make the good cops look bad. I hope this guy sues and win millions.

    1. Why should they be fired? Based on what information that you know of, why should the officers lose their livlihoods? Was probable cause not a factor? I’m trying to understand your logic – but it seems as though the word logic and your personal intellect are not intwinec!

  30. Guys, I love a good cop-bash as much as anyone, but the guy was on private property. I’ve worked stadium security. If the man is asked to leave and doesn’t, it’s trespassing. This “arrest,” BTW, usually is just an ejection, but resisting arrest makes it a little more serious.

    As for whether the cop that texted about him is an asshole, he probably is. As for whether the guy was drunk, who knows? But either way, trespassing.

  31. Really Dave? Private property or not, buying a ticket (which is not cheap anyway) should give him the right to watch the game. I also hope he sues, wins millions and I hope the off duty officer loses his job. This is what happens to school yard bullies – they become society’s bullies. Good cops are far and few between, the rest are just control freaks and think they can do whatever they want. Anyone want an Obama beer?

  32. This is why there are people getting
    raped and killed. our police force is
    so worried about making thier quotas
    that they go after innocent people in-
    stead of actually doing their jobs and
    maning up to protect those who actually
    need the help

    god bless those officers that actually
    do the job theyre paid to do and take
    bullets and other things for people they
    dont even know.

  33. as a cop I can’t even begin to justify this!! I hope this man sues the city for millions and all of the charger fans that were around testify on his behalf!! Sad day for law enforcement.

  34. become society’s bullies. Good cops are far and few between

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