The Progressive Crack-up, Cont.


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Want to watch the Netroots Left fracture in real time? Do a Google blog search on "Jane Hamsher," then hit the refresh button every hour. Hamsher, the proprietor of the progressive site FireDogLake (and co-producer of Natural Born Killers among other movies) has, according to many prominent liberal bloggers, "jump[ed] the shark," "damage[d] the cause," and "decided that if you can't beat the Teabaggers you might as well break out your own nutsack," all because she has A) determined, like Howard Dean (for a week, anyway), Arianna Huffington, and Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, that the health care reform bill should be killed, B) called for Rahm Emanuel's resignation, and C) made that case on Fox News, while also making common cause with Grover Norquist.

I am sure there are plenty of personal and professional issues and histories that I'm not aware of, but some of the broad themes on display here are eternal, and affect/afflict even marginal political groupings (*cough*). Is the perfect the enemy of the good? Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? Should some people or entities just be declared beyond the pale, off-limits to all right-thinking bipeds? Is Defection just another word for Opportunism? Loyalty for Blindness?

While chewing on those perennials, take a gander at Hamsher's defense of working with Grover Norquist. Sample:

[I]t's not an issue of "personalities." It never should be. It's about principles. And principles aren't pliant — you either have them or you don't. You can't just use them as a yardstick to measure the inadequacy of people you don't like, and then throw them away when it comes to your "friends."

Rahm Emanuel is destroying not only the Democratic majority but the Democratic Party.  There isn't enough pork in the world to hold his "Blue Dogs" in office with the legacy of bailouts that he has engineered, and that's why his "big tent" is now collapsing in his wake. […] [T]he corrupt back-room deals, the endless bailouts — belong to Rahm.

The ground is shifting. You can feel it. And the Rahm dead-enders have become no different than the Bush dead-enders, completely unaware that the President whose malfeasance they are defending on the basis that one must not "consort with Republicans" is the one who ran on — consorting with Republicans.  It is knee-jerk authoritarianism in the extreme.

I wrote about, and offered some qualified praise for, Obama's lefty critics last week. Nick Gillespie interviewed Grover Norquist for Reason.TV last year.

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  1. Are they blaming Rahm because they refuse to blame Obama? It's to avoid being called racist, isn't it?

    1. Wait until racism comes back into style. Then they'll be tripping over themselves to blame Obama. Poseurs!

    2. No, it's because they are antisemites.

      1. Uou just summoned Underzog. I hope you can live with yourself.

          1. How does one go about joining the Zionist Conspiracy? What kind of perks do they offer? It sounds like fun, unless they have one of those spanking initiation rituals... not really into that.

            1. It involves cutting skin from your wiener. Worst initiation ritual, ever.

              1. What! Again?!

                1. What! Again?!

                  Oh, in that case all you have to do to join the Zionist Conspiracy is to rock out with your cock out.

                  1. Circumsized 46 years ago, already got that part in the bag... so to speak.

                    So, are there any "thank you, sir, may I have another?"-type initiation rites? Because I really don't wanna be paddled by guys in robes - though I would take a spankin' from Halle Berry. Yup.

        1. Underzog likely hates the Rahmstieg given his hero Netenayu can't stand the bastard.

  2. Looks like someone's about to find a fish in her mailbox.

  3. There was no other way for this to play out.

    The progressive left Netroots, as much as we don't like them, have to be acknowledged to be idealists.

    The Democrat party leadership is more than happy to exploit that group of idealists by paying lip service to their ideals, while planning to fuck them over in the end.

    The people attacking Hamsher remind me of the end of Glengarry Glen Ross, where Al Pacino imparts the wisdom that you should never, ever speak before you know what the scam is. They're mad at Hamsher because she's wrecking their scam.

    It's exactly the same dynamic that plays out between Republicans and Libertarians.

  4. Wow, aint that the truth. I think you hit the nail square on the head.


  5. She's a stupid idealist who doesn't understand how politics work
    (See "sausage factory" for further information.)

    She doesn't want power, she wants to be powerless, her hands clean, and her smugness intact.

    1. You're the perfect person to write about stupid idealism and smugness, crayon... gotta stick with what you know, and all that.

      1. Are you drunk again, liebert?
        Seeing double, are we now?

        Liebert uses bizarre personal attacks to convince people about his principles.
        How original.

        Still homeschooling while you're sending your kids to public school?

        1. My kid's out of school, not that it's any of your business, asshat.

          Besides, you're not one to talk about personal attacks, so STFU and think about it.


          1. BTW, the term "parents as teachers" must have whizzed past your head, crayon. Yours must have just let your head get filled exclusively with school-approved nonsense, the way you think and type.

    2. Since when do you hate "idealists", Cheney?

    3. Anyone who wants "power" deserves a bullet in the skull.

      No one associated with governance should "want power". They should want policy outcomes and legislative outcomes. If they "want power", they should be hanging upside down from a lamppost like the Duce.

  6. Why are we using the Socialist-in-disguise term?

  7. "The progressive left Netroots, as much as we don't like them, have to be acknowledged to be idealists."

    Some of them are. But a lot of them are just immature children. Good for Hamsher for having some principles. But, does she honestly think that Obama is some lamb being led astray by some super evil genius in Emmanuel? Emmanuel isn't doing anything that Obama doesn't approve of.

    What is most disturbing about Obama is not that he is a socialist. If he were that, someone like Hamsher wouldn't be upset. What is disturbing is that he is essentially just a political gangster. Whether you look at the stimulus, the bailouts, or health care, none of his policies have followed any kind of coherent political and economic philosophy. They have all been based on one idea; take as much as possible and give it to your political supporters. "Gold Plated health insurance plans are supposed to be taxed unless they belong to politically connected longshoreman. The stimulus is supposed to put money in people's pockets on "shovel ready projects" but the majority of it goes to states to prop up their budgets so they don't have to cut public employee benefits. Medicare prime is supposed to end, unless it is in a state where the Senator's vote needs to be bought. The list goes on and on. This is the "Chicago Way". It is just corrupt big city politics brought to the national level. Hamsher may be a socialist and a fool, but to her credit she is apparently not a thief. Well, Obama and Emmanuel are. And that is why she is upset.

    1. +1

      Truth meter just busted through the glass

    2. They have all been based on one idea; take as much as possible and give it to your political supporters.

      And this is about the only thing I can think of that the democrats truly excel at. Fundamentally they are a quasi-criminal enterprise.

      1. Party of liars, beggars, and thieves...

        1. Which party? Rs are just as lie-prone, love to beg, and are excellent thieves.

          1. Except for RON PAUL, PRINCE OF GOOOOOOOLD!!!!

            1. Despite your dumbassedness, you are right in one regard: Ron Paul is about the only exception to the Gang of 535, the bulk of which should be taken out and shot.

      2. "They have all been based on one idea; take as much as possible and give it to your political supporters."

        You just described all political parties perfectly. The question is who do you want the largesse to benefit?

    3. But, does she honestly think that Obama is some lamb being led astray by some super evil genius in Emmanuel?

      She's political enough to realize that attacking Rahm Emmanuel is going to go over easier then attacking Obama.

  8. (and co-producer of Natural Born Killers among other movies)

    Sufficient reason to want to see her burned at the stake.

    1. She looks like Jane Wiedland's evil, blond sister.

      1. John, a Go-Go's ref?!?!?!! Now you're scaring me.

        Assuming that you actually meant Jane Wiedlin.

        1. Yes I mean Wiedlin. And while I don't have much use for her music, she was damn cute back in the day.

          1. I like "Our Lips Are Sealed" and "Vacation".

            1. They were not bad. Their first record was good pop music. After that, they were too whacked out on heroin to write much good music. But, I always thought Wiedlin was sexier than Carlisle.

              1. And she dated Russell Mael for a time. So there's a Go-Go's and a Sparks reference in one handy thread.

  9. Hamsher's offense to "the cause" isn't political, exactly. Because the cause isn't political, exactly.

    She wasn't ritually denounced when all she'd done was oppose a specific piece of legislation. It's only when she came out shit-talking Emanuel, with Norquist on her arm.

    Rahm is a Mussolinian sex/power symbol to the progs (add "have his babies" to a search of his name, and prepare to vomit). Norquist is his exact opposite.

    "The cause" is a John Hughes movie for ugly people.

  10. Damn, that is an awful picture of her.

  11. How dare she make such pronouncements on Fox! Doesn't she know that people actually watch Fox?

  12. That streetwalker is a bit over the hill, but a decent figure, nonetheless. At least, some things haven't changed in DC since I was a lowly intern in the early 90's.

  13. From what I can tell from perusing Dailykos (sue me), the major factor motivating this hatred of Hamsher is her working with Grover Norquist. Everything else is just gravy.

    1. Kinda like the wholesale hate-on for the Whole Foods dude.

  14. the Rahm dead-enders have become no different than the Bush dead-enders

    Dead-enders? Why, I don't believe I've seen that term used since I read it in a Rand novel.

    1. Wasn't it used by Bush administration insiders to describe those who opposed going to war with Iraq long after the decision to go to war was already decided?

      Perhaps as far back as the Clinton administration to describe those who pursued the many corruption charges that came out of that era. I'm hazy about the 90's to be honest with you.

      1. Wait. Don't tell me. Memory is coming back. Rumsfeld used the term to describe Ba'athist and Saddam loyalist.

        1. Yes, and then it was used by the other side to describe people who still defended the decision to invade Iraq after 2006 or so.

      2. Technically speaking, it was used for the remanants of the Baath party still fighting on early in the insurgency.

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