America's Security Blanket In Action


From a New York Times story on the latest wave of security theater:

[A]n hour before landing an announcement had been made that no one could get up for the remainder of the flight.

"It was kind of funny," Mr. Barnes said, "because the previous announcement had been about the danger of deep-vein thrombosis or strombosis or whatever you get from sitting for too long. We laughed."


Priya Prasad, 32, an administrative assistant who lives in Oakland, Calif., said she was annoyed by the extra hour it took her to get through security when she boarded a flight in Mumbai. "They're being extra cautious, which I guess is fine," she said. "But I don't understand what it is they're looking for. They went through my bag three times, and still I got my scissors and tweezers on the plane."

Look on the bright side: Maybe this means they've stopped confiscating scissors.

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