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L.A.'s Medical Pot Scene, Still a "Wild Wild West" Until 2010


L.A.'s medical pot dispensary scene, considered an unregulated nightmare by many on both sides of the medical pot divide (mostly because they think there are "too many of them," and not operating in the spirit and standards they think appropriate, an uncertain concept indeed), will continue at least another few weeks without a new set of regulations from the City Council.

I'll have much more to say on this in a forthcoming Reason magazine feature, but for some details on some of the Council's sticking points, and the debate over how fair L.A.'s free alt-weekly L.A. Weekly has been in its severe criticisms of the medical pot "industry," see my latest entry at my Southern California news and politics blog "City of Angles."


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  1. no such thing as an unregulated nightmare.

    1. a situation that is unregulated is never a nightmare. Nightmares are always unregulated. That is a truism. Otherwise, just guessing, regulators would remove the need-of-regulation parts.

  2. My nightmares only occasionally involve bureaucrats.

  3. as a medical marijuana user I have to say the only nightmare is the REGULATION of medical marijuana. that most states won’t allow the growers to make a profit is bullshit. if Solvay Pharmaceuticals can earn a profit from synthetic THC then the growers of medical marijuana deserve compensation for their time and effort. no taxation, no regulation, just legalization!

  4. Regulate us! Tax us! Set us… awww fuck it.

  5. here is an interesting excerpt from a recent article on New Mexico’s medical cannabis program and regulation:
    Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry, a Republican from Fruita, said regulating medical marijuana is one issue that will bridge the partisan chasm at the Capitol.

    “Nobody intended for this mess we have got,” he said.

    One Colorado Springs medical marijuana provider said all the fuss doesn’t make sense.

    “Basically they have this imagined problem that they are trying to address with unnecessary regulation,” said Michael Kopta, a Colorado Springs chiropractor who is starting Natural Advantage Medical Marijuana Caregivers on the city’s west side.

    “I think most of the people who are getting into this business are respectable businessmen,” he said.

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