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Mexican Drug War Violence Hits A New Horrible Record


Noted by Ian Vasquez at the Cato blog, linking to a Spanish-language newspaper report from Mexico:

In 2008, there were some 6,300 drug war killings in Mexico, double that of the previous year. El Universal newspaper in Mexico reports that deaths related to the drug war have just surpassed 7,000 since the beginning of 2009, with more than 1000 of those homicides in the last 48 days. That's a daily rate of 21.3 deaths for the year.

My interview from last month with Texas sociologist Howard Campbell on the Mexican border drug war and its nightmares. Jacob Sullum in June on how drug prohibition fuels Mexican violence.

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  3. Maybe certain people want to keep the Drug War going in the hopes it will kill off all them Mexicans. And I also wonder if people even notice a correlation between the Drug War and the violence in Mexico…

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  5. Between the general haziness most people exhibit toward “foreign” news, the “tk ur jebs!” idiots, the “those dirty Messicans kill each other all the time, better there than here” crowd and the amazing disconnect of most people between prohibition and violence (yet another failing for basic economic common sense) this will probably continue to be a non-issue.

    1. Unless and until this kind of violence spreads to the US. And then there will be a bunch of dead Mexicans. But I doubt even that would cause us to end the drug war.

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    2. The other disconnect is that they don’t acknowledge that violence due to prohibition is a factor driving immigration.

      1. How much is it, really? I’ve never seen any surveys or anything that try to figure out. I had assumed that drug violence in Mexico is mostly confined to people in the drug trade, like in the US.

        1. Oh, come on. People are obviously moving for a better life. That would generally include not being knifed or shot.

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    On topic – We just need to semd more weapons and training to Mexico’s stalwart police forces and military and we can fix this.
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    Aw hell, insert your own ignorant cliches.

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  11. the obvious solution is more prohibition. guns, specifically.

  12. Has anybody asked anything to the token Mexican here?

    First: Arming the police more will only provide better-armed thugs to the Drug Cartels.

    Second: FUCK YOU, DEA! You’re the one killing all those Mexicans!

    By the way:

    That’s a daily rate of 21.3 deaths for the year.

    This is an interesting statistic considering people in Mexico are barred by Law to possess firearms, except in very few cases (i.e. you have a “compadre” that’s a politician.)

  13. Ah, the fruits of social engineering and protecting people from themselves. Did it ever dawn on anyone who advocates substance prohibition that something bad might come of it? Is preventing people from legally medicating themselves recreationally worth 7000+ murders in a single year in any sane person’s mind???

    1. Well said. Drugs are bad they are so bad that we will do anything to stop you from using them. We will bring to bear all means necessary..up to and including deadly force to protect you from the scourge of substance abuse. And after a hard day at work..we ourselves will unwind with glass of wine or a mug of beer. God bless America !

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