Monetary Policy

Quote of the Day: Jim DeMint Is Exactly the Same As Juan Perón


Here's Clark Winter,  CIO of SK Capital Partners, explaining to Comcast/CNBC that incompetent Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke should have been spared the cruel and unusual punishment of a televised Senate confirmation hearing -- because the hearing embarrassed Winter in front of his international jet-set friends:

What is this quaint earthling interest in accountability?

"I was on the phone with some people overseas today and they were watching the same tv we were, saying 'How can the most formidable nation in the world put its most credible institution up on the grill and bake it as if it didn't know what it was talking about?' They don't understand that. That plus the White House plus Tiger, they just say, 'What is going on over there in America?' … You sit there: prosecution-trial-blame-prosecution-trial-blame. Countries like Argentina and Venezuela made a decade out of that. We're supposed to get on with it, boys. Let's grow up and move on to the solution."

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