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And No One Was Ever Murdered Over a Michelob Deal Gone Bad


The Washington Post reports that support for legalizing marijuana is gaining momentum. The article includes this fun quote from Bruce Mirken of the Marijuana Policy Project:

"…there is a reason you don't have Mexican beer cartels planting fields of hops in the California forests."

Thanks to Bob Ewing for the tip.

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  1. It’s because it bootlegging is strictly controlled by Appalachian cartels.

  2. But it’s “for the Children”

  3. Mr. Merkin is in the wrong industry.

    1. HAHAHA

  4. This just continues to baffle me. I have a reputation as a “druggie” and I think this is why my thoughts are scoffed at.

    I ask friends/parents/whomever about why drugs should be illegal. They say it’s dangerous to legalize, invariably. And yet for $6.98 I can still buy a fifth of Canadian Superior and, if I go at it pretty hard, I will die. But no one wants to re-criminalize alcohol.

    They look at me with nonplussed eyes and just fall back on the “oh it’s dangerous” mantra.

    It really freaks me out how government(s) have so indoctrinated folk. Sickening.

    1. Chillax! Just blend. Go to more Phish concerts.

      I have a reputation of being a drunk so I hang out at H&R.

  5. Anheuser-Busch InBev owns a non-controlling 50% stake in Modelo which captures 63% of the Mexican beer market.

    Corona, its primo product isn’t known for its hops and if it really gave a shit about hops it wouldn’t use clear bottles to expose the hoppiness to UV light and other damaging effects.

    Bruce apparently smokes more weed and drinks less beer. I think he should have that choice. No children were hurt by his er, analogy.

    1. Please, please… Corona uses only the finest iso-alpha acid extract in its beer.

    2. AB also owns Elf Farm.

    3. The solution to making solar panels more efficient: put them in clear beer bottles!

  6. And No One Was Ever Murdered Over a Michelob Deal Gone Bad

    I dunno. In some of the downscale bars I’ve been in…

    1. …they dont serve Michelob.

  7. Cali might be a little warm for effective hop growing.

    1. “Cali might be a little warm for effective hop growing,” he typed, while glancing at the ad for California-brewed Lagunitas IPA on the same page.

      1. The hops could be grown somewhere else.

        1. I suppose the sage in Craftsman’s Triple White Sage is grown in California. Mammoth Brewing has a 395 IPA brewed with sage and juniper. Probably homegrown ingredients.

          We really are being cheated by prohibition. I have seen beer labels with cannabis leaves but the real stuff has yet to get mixed into any micro.

      2. I know. Just being a jerk. 🙂

      3. better point is that Cali has more than 1 climate.

        North Cali != South Cali

  8. “We are in the prevention business,” said Arthur Dean, chairman of the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America. “Kids are getting the message tobacco’s harmful, and they’re not getting the message marijuana is.”

    Gee, I wonder if that’s because one message is the truth, and the other one is a lie. YOU LIE!

    1. I wonder what kind of market there is for ‘prevention’ to be able to be ‘in the prevention business.’

  9. In some ways, pot legalization is like “the Middle East peace process”.

    Just tell us when Willie Nelson legally smokes a joint in front of the White House.

  10. I never killed anyone over a few buds either, but I did shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

    1. Well now you’re stuck in Folsom Prison where you can spend the rest of your life brewing hooch in the toilet.

  11. No, but people get drunk and kill each other every day. Lots of them. Every day.
    The same isn’t even remotely true of pot

  12. “And No One Was Ever Murdered Over a Michelob Deal Gone Bad”

    I hate to be technical about this, but lots of people were killed over Michelob deals gone bad. Just not since 1933.


  13. We need to start saying that legalizing the ganja would be about saving the children. It would cut down on the child abuse, as I’m sure my step-dad’s habitual use of my skull as target practice wouldn’t have been so bad if he stopped every other punch to look at his hands and giggle.

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