Georgia Cops Nab 16 Bottles of Bubbly, and a City Councilwoman's Scalp


We must have respect for the law. We must! An undercover cop enters a bridal shop run by City Councilwoman Judy Wilkinson in West Point, Georgia, and nabs her in the act of serving gratis mimosas to her customers, in violation of both city and state law. She is cuffed and taken away in front of her customers, and ultimately gets away with a mere 30-days probation. (The cops also confiscated 16 bottles of the contraband champagne, current whereabouts unknown.)

Crimestoppers textbook: The law-abiding might not know of this controlled substance, "mimosas," often linked to violence, inappropriate toasting, and the street custom of "brunch." It is a mixture of champagne–frequently the cheapest variety available, to pump up the pushers profits–tainted with orange juice, often called "OJ" on the street. (This is the juice of a fruit that might be growing, unbeknownst to you, in your own back yard; check a horticulture guide for how to recognize it.) Parents, please listen to your children and keep a keen ear for this street slang that often signals trouble–"OJ" and "the bubbly" are both danger signs–such as the intent to go into business selling bridal accoutrements. Remember: Wilkinson was only stopped because of a tip from a concerned citizen, a concerned citizen just like you.

Hat tip on this story to PublicCEO.