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Doc Ellis & the LSD No-No:

And yes, it's based on a true story.

Link via Baseball Primer. My take on the "Locker-Room Liberty" of the 1970s here.

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  1. This is so rad.

    Even better may be the time when Doc Ellis tried to hit every batter he faced. I think it was against the Reds; he hit like the first four guys or so, walked the next because he “failed” to bean him, and then hit the next batter. He was ejected.

    Apparently, so he says, it was just to prove a point.

    Doc Ellis is the shit for both of these things.

  2. If players weren’t meant to be hit by pitches, the league would put a glass shield between the pitcher and the batter’s body.

    1. Exactly. In fact it should be the preferred way of issuing an intentional walk. Why waste time with four wimpy tosses when one fastball to the ass does the trick. Make the guy earn that BB one way or another.

      1. And if the beaned batter can’t walk or crawl to first, then he’s out.

        1. People say they oppose technology in baseball; I welcome it. Once we have a breed of cyborg players, then we can get rid of the DH, pinch runners, pinch hitters, relievers, etc. Nine guys to a side, and bring back the out when I hit you with a thrown ball as you’re running the bases.

          1. SuperBaseball 2020.

            It’s god’s work.

            That is all.

              1. AAAH! BaseWars is also pimp as shit. I can’t believe I forgot about this!

                1. i remember destroying every batter so that i won by forfeit by the 6th inning every time i played the cpu.

    2. ummmm what about curve balls?

  3. Excellent animation. Excellent use of animation for a sports documentary.

  4. i’m so useless on acid, i don’t know how he did it. that man is a god.

  5. I haven’t touched psychedelics in over twenty years, but I can second Nipplemancer’s comment. Ditto with Hendrix (or the Grateful Dead) getting up in front of 30,000 people and playing guitar.

    A funny thing – “no-no” was what Ellis called the no hitter under the logic of LSD, but it has become baseball slang.

    1. I was unknowingly given two hits of strawberry barrel acid when I was 13, back in 1970. First high ever. What a trip.

  6. Much more on Dock Ellis at the link.

    1. That’s phenomenal, thanks.

  7. Off Topic, but does anyone else think that Obama administration’s decision to have the terrorists in New York of all places is brilliant. They can use the trial to manipulate the news cycle for years on end. Looking bad in the polls? Leak a little something about the trial to distract the proles. Doesn’t even have to be true. As I said, brilliant!

    I also suspect that Manhattan will start to see bombings at cafes and other soft targets. On that point, not so brilliant.

    1. Caught his show at Austin City Limits this year. He did a rousing rendition of the song as well as delivered a monologue on his own choosing between high school football and drugs. Great stuff it was.

  8. Fantastic story. Fantastic cartoon!

  9. i wonder if george will ever wrote an inane column about Doc’s no-hitter on acid.

  10. I wrote about this a few years ago at Postive Liberty (I’ll have to search for the link).

    I do remember my co-blogger Jason Kuznicki, to further compound the funniness, noting his name is Ellis, D.

  11. I have not touched LSD in 26 years but recall it as fostering some of the best times of my life. Though I did lose an entire weekend once. And there’s no way I would have been able to play baseball while tripping.

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