Reason.tv: Medical Marijuana's Whipping Boy, Charlie Lynch, to be Sentenced June 11; Faces five years for legally operating a dispensary in California


Charlie Lynch is the medical marijuana dispensary owner whose business, fully legal under California state law, was raided by federal agents in 2007.

At his federal trial last year, Lynch was not allowed to mention the legal status of medical marijuana under California state law while conducting his defense. The predictable-and outrageous-verdict? Lynch was found guilty of distributing pot and faces a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison.

After several delays, Lynch's sentencing is scheduled for 10A.M. Pacific Time on Thursday, June 11.

Will justice be served? Or will an innocent man pay for the crimes of a government that is out of control? President Barack Obama has said he will stop federal raids against dispensaries in states that have made medical marijuana legal. Will that pledge make a difference in Lynch's sentencing?

This video was edited by Alexander Manning; additional footage provided by Rick Ray.

Approximately 3.20 minutes. For embed code, previous videos on the Lynch case, and audio, iPod, and HD versions, go here now.

The song "Whipping Boy" was written and performed by Chris Darrow. Courtesy of Everloving Music.