Reason Morning Links: Stress Tests, Reagan Revisionism, and the Men Who Murdered Mother's Day


• After a dizzying series of leaks — and more than a little negotiation — the "stress test" results are in.

• The feds want to seize private land for a Flight 93 memorial.

• State pension scandal, meet Lincoln Bedroom scandal.

• The Supreme Court's "other diversity problem": a uniformity of class and career paths.

• Is there a correlation between torture and terrorism?

• Gawker vs. David Simon.

• Christopher Caldwell reviews what sounds like a very interesting new book on Ronald Reagan's foreign policy. (Caldwell briefly mentions another Reagan book as well. It does not sound as interesting.)

• I don't know if it makes sense to essentially agree with both Jason Mittell's skeptical take on the Susan Boyle phenomenon and Timothy Burke's rejoinder, but I do.

• Mother's Day is coming this Sunday. Read about the men who voted against the holiday.