A Rare Incidence of "Government Reform" Restraint


For you baseball fans, I've got "Five morning-after points about Manny Ramirez" up over at my True/Slant blog Blood Diamond. Red Sox Nation is gratuitously insulted. For the broader subsection of you limited-government aficionados, there contains therein the magical and frankly stunning phrase, "The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee…won't be taking up the issue."

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  1. The House only wastes time caring about the children in front of cameras when it’s an election year.

  2. Who’s Manny What’s-‘is-name?

  3. He took a women’s fertility drug. That’s Manny being Mommy.

  4. The rarest phrase in the English language…

  5. Just when I thought I was over the demise of FireJoeMorgan, you had to go and bring up Bill Plaschke. Come back, Ken Tremendous! We need you!

  6. Oh, give it some time. I’m sure ol’ John “Congress has nothing better to do with its time than control the behavior of a bunch of over-paid, tobacco-chewing guys in silly clothes who chase a ball around” Mccain will have to do some grandstanding about this.

    That right there was reason enough not to vote for the idiot. “National pastime” my fat butt.

  7. As a representative of the most balls-to-the-wall franchise in the Pope’s Own American League, I have to say that I am fucking outraged that you would slander the Nation. I, personally, have given Boston the best years of my young adult life. I skipped my poor dead mother’s funeral in order to watch the Yankees get fucked up close and personal in game 7 of the Championship series in ’04. I was taking a leak when Mientkiewicz tagged out that fat fuck Rub?n Sierra, so I left my 3-year-old son locked in a mens room stall in Yankee Stadium with a sign that said, “Don’t touch me, you fucking loser creep,” while I ran through the home team’s bleachers and puked on Yankee fucks.

    What I’m trying to say is that we’re a hard-working breed, guy, and Manny couldn’t handle that. We tried to help him change his attitude, it didn’t work, so we washed our hands.

    I like this blog, and I don’t want to read any news stories about Sox Nation guys shitting on your windshield or sticking salt water taffy in the lock of your front door, so stick to politics and newspapers.

    Also: WE raped the Angels in the 2004 and 2007 Division series.

    Nation out!

  8. I was going to comment on how Red Sox/Patriots/Celtics/etc. fans always seem to be the most annoying in the universe, but Sox Nation beat me too it. With more, not exactly style, but certainly detail.

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