Reason Morning Links: Mortgage Cramdowns, Pork Crackdowns, Dinosaur Playgrounds


• David Souter will retire at the end of the Supreme Court's current term.

• Cramdowns go down.

• Joe Biden goes off-message.

• Swine flu fuels religious persecution in Egypt.

• Disgruntled Dutchman tries to assassinate royal family, kills five onlookers instead.

• Rescued sea captain calls for arming ship crews.

• An ABC News/Washington Post poll shows support going up for gay marriage, gun rights, legalized immigrants, decriminalized pot, and normalized relations with Cuba. Public opinion isn't as libertarian when it comes to torture, CO2, and border controls.

• Baptists and bootleggers make Texas energy policy.

• A school district tries to go into the pizza business.

• Did dinosaurs survive the Cretaceous extinctions?