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Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed Against Hayne, West


Kennedy Brewer and Levon Brooks have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against embattled Mississippi forensic experts Michael West and Steven Hayne. In cases just two years apart, Brooks and Brewer were each convicted of raping and murdering the young daughters of their girlfriends, almost entirely due to the bite mark testimony Hayne and West gave at trial.

Between them, the two men served more than 30 years in prison. Brewer spent most of his time on death row. Both were released last year after a check of the state's DNA database matched a man named Justin Albert Johnson. Johnson then confessed to both crimes.

My prior reporting on Hayne and West here.

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  1. I hope Kennedy Brewer and Levon Brooks win this lawsuit. They definitely deserve to win after having their lives destroyed by these charlatans.

  2. How much of their being embattled are you responsible for, Radley?

  3. Well, things look pretty grim for the old guard of MS forensics. Any reason to hope things will be better under the new guard?

  4. I hope Hayne and West get reduced to penury. It won’t happen, but a sizable chunk of the wealth might get taken and that would be a good thing.

  5. MS is known for its extremely high jury awards… It’s like a hillbilly lottery.

    That’s for personal injury, though. Not sure how well these guys will do.

  6. According to the aricle, it looks like West is already on the run. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  7. ‘Bout time someone sued these two assholes (West and Hayne). I hope these two wrongly convicted guys send ’em to the poor house.

    Now….when are we going to get some criminal indictments for perjury on West and Hayne?

  8. Now….when are we going to get some criminal indictments for perjury on West and Hayne?

    Never. Falsehood has to be intentional for perjury. These guys will never admit they did anything wrong or that they lied, so you’ll never be able to nail them.

  9. Three Cheers for Radley!


  10. Thanks, Radley, keeping the heat on these two scoundrels. Glad that your persistence has paid off. Hearty congratulations.

    Now….when are we going to get some criminal indictments for perjury on West and Hayne?

    Good question, but one better addressed to the US Attorneys for MS, or the Atty Gen’l. However, the discovery for the civil suits will probably unearth some good testimony and evidence, which will make criminal prosecution easier.

  11. Not sure about perjury, but there’s some pretty damning evidence against West should he be prosecuted for evidence tampering (ie, using dental molds to make artificial bite marks on dead bodies).

    He’ll never be prosecuted though.

  12. Wouldn’t it be amusing if they were prosecuted, sent to prison, and were put in with a bunch of guys who are there because of their faked evidence . . ?

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