Reason Morning Links: "How Many Varieties of Corporate Welfare Can You Spot?" Edition


• Americans are losing faith in nearly every major social institution.

• AIG spends your money. (And on a related note…)

• The Federal Home Loan Banks' role in the financial meltdown.

• Agribusiness pushes to make the National Animal Identification System mandatory.

• To protect "national security," the negotiating text of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is being kept secret -- unless you're a "cleared advisor." Guess who gets to be a cleared advisor?

• Peter Schiff issues a warning about credit cards.

• Secret Red Cross report: CIA interrogation methods "constituted torture."

• The man who shot James A. Garfield.

• For sale: assorted metal/plastic prisoner cages.

• This is your NCAA thread, too. Use it wisely!