Concealed Carry Reform Possibilities in California


Sean Bonner at blogging.la gives a hat tip to a proposed State Assembly bill to overrule local peculiarities in concealed carry permitting in California, the sort that allow local officials to keep you from getting a permit for largely whimsical reasons:

This practice breeds inequality and abuse by giving people who live in some parts of the state more state-wide rights than others and placing an insane amount of power in a single person's hands. And since individuals have different motives, the policy from one county to another is vastly different. Is it any shock that people who have contributed to the campaigns for many of these people have a much higher chance of receiving one of these permits? Luckily CA Assembly Member Knight is aware of this abuse and wants to stop it. He's introduced a bill called AB 357 [PDF link to the bill] which removes the authority of the individual Sheriffs & Police Chiefs in favor of a clear set of statewide guidelines. That's right, if this bill passes it will be a major step towards ending the good old boy, friends-only system currently on the books. 

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