Reason Morning Links: Madoff, Milk, and Marauding Avian Gangs


• New tensions with China.

• Record numbers seek unemployment benefits.

• Bernie Madoff goes to jail. Prosecutors start looking for co-conspirators.

• Connecticut could crack down on raw milk.

• If you missed the Jon Stewart/Jim Cramer showdown last night, here it is. The most notable thing about the interview, I think, is that Cramer, who ordinarily comes across like an announcer in a WWE match, here appears as a high school sophomore whose voice hasn't quite finished changing, sitting uneasily in the principal's office. (But how did Jon Stewart become the principal of Cable High? I don't know, but you might find some clues in Fonzie's evolution from J.D. dropout to schoolteacher. Or Rush Limbaugh's evolution from shock jock to informal head of the GOP.)

• Pentagon procurement reform, real and phony.

• Facebook: nostalgia sets in.

• Economics teacher practices some economics.

• Birds and game theory.