Drug Policy

"As the one person who's never smoked marijuana, let's stop putting people in jail for drugs!"


Penn Jillette uncorks a righteous rant:

Reason on the drug war here; on Penn Jillette here. And for a little afternoon delight:

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  1. It was a pretty great rant, but it could have used more fucks.

  2. Was this held back to coincide with 4:20?


  3. So, what's with the "Were sorry, this video is no longer available"?

  4. Penn rules, that is pretty much the beginning and end of that.

  5. Maybe if all you right-wing bozos got really high, you'd stop the relentless search for evidence to support your moronic economic dogmas, so I guess I am for legalizing marijuana. My only worry is that a large number of you losers couldn't aford to buy it. What are right-wing charities like?

  6. Lesbians touching
    As I reach for more bourbon
    Tasty sea kitten

  7. Was this held back to coincide with 4:20?


  8. I'm usually not this callous, but that's one homely broad.

  9. I'd love to listen to it but everytime I land on H&R that video of Nick talking about beer starts up and I can't find a pause button.

  10. Lefti, would that be the economic model (dogmas?) that predicted both the dotcom and the housing/banking bubble'n'burst? Also, I'm pretty sure that right wing charities are funded by donations from individuals, as opposed to government extortion. Can't really be sure, not being much of a 'right/left' winger myself.

  11. The potheads have yet to realize President Obama is a lying and hypocritical sack of shite just like every other politician? I guess they usually are a little slower on the uptake.

  12. Sometimes Mr. Jillette stretches my sense of credulity.

    Me: "No way! He didn't just shoot Teller in the chest, did he! It's got to be a trick!"

    Me: No way! No way he's never smoked pot! The guy who used to have a monthly column on Uma Thurman has never toked? It's got to be a trick!"

  13. Man, I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard or read that Jillette has never toked or had an alcoholic beverage; I'd be able to pay the extra taxes my Governator just imposed.

    It's almost Shane MacGowanesque really. You can't read a story about Shaneo without reading of his dental challenges and choice of beverage, and now every Gillette mention references his teetotallerism.

  14. What a square. Does he wear a purity ring too?

    Sounds too much to me like "I strongly disagree with you sir, but I will fight to the death to defend your right to" blah blah blah.

    Bullshit. Smoke a joint, THEN you'll understand how stupid the drug war is...

  15. Should I assume that you have to be high to enjoy the "Obama, You're No Stranger to the Bong" song?

  16. Right wing? Please.

    If marijuana was on the free market the price would be drastically lowered from competition. Smoking up would only remind us of the validity of our "economic dogmas".

  17. Smoke a joint, THEN you'll understand how stupid the drug war is...

    Fuck your collectivism, sir. I don't need to "be in your shoes" to know what's "right for you" because fuck you.

    There are absolutes.

  18. As someone who has never smoked pot -- I say just legalize it (and if my kids smoke it while under my roof, they are grounded for life).

  19. "What are you, a square ?"

    A square?

    How old are you, seventy?

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