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Obama, You're No Stranger to the Bong: An open letter to the president


Thank you, President Obama, for keeping your campaign pledge to end raids on medical marijuana dispensaries that are legal under state laws in California and elsewhere.

Thank you for reversing an inhumane policy established by the Clinton administration and continued by the Bush administration.

Given the experience you and other elected officials have had with illegal drugs and your willingness to challenge the status quo, now is the time to reconsider decades of prohibitionist drug policies that have succeeded only in massively increasing the toll of human misery, violence, and hypocrisy. As with alcohol prohibition, the drug war intensifies and exacerbates every negative outcome it is ostensibly designed to combat.

President Obama, do the right thing and end the war on drugs.

"Obama, You're No Stranger to the Bong" was written, performed, and edited by Paul Feine; special thanks to Alex Manning.

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  1. You know the song!

    "I was gonna watch the vid, but I got high....."

  2. Good luck with that. No president wants to lose a war, particularly one that a majority of Americans support. He may not prosecute it with all the vigor of his predecessors, but end it? Not a prayer.

  3. Thank you, President Obama, for keeping your campaign pledge to end raids on medical marijuana dispensaries that are legal under state laws in California and elsewhere.

    Did I miss something? Have they actually ended? Has some kind of official order or directive gone out? Last I heard, they were still promising, but hadn't quite gotten around to doing anything definitive.

  4. To me, pot's always been a useless drug, but many people find it medically and recreationally useful. It's practically become socially accepted, so there's really no reason to continue the pretense of its inclusion in the war against drugs. It ought to legalized so we can be done with that issue. When our presidents and congresspeople and most of the nation under 60 have tried it or used it regularly, it makes no sense to spend another dime trying to outlaw it. But, hell, with all the sweeping changes going on now, if it doesn't become legal in the next eight years, it may never be legal. They could have just slipped it in the stimulus package since no one read it.

  5. Now if we can just get the Drug War Department to quit busting doctors who write prescriptions for necessary pain meds...

  6. "federal resources should not be used to circumvent state laws."

    Now, then, let's hope that Mr Holder sees the same kind of logic when it comes to his "ASSault weapons ban" bullshit.

  7. federal resources should not be used to circumvent state laws.

    When are state laws going to stop circumventing federal laws, like you know "shall not be infringed?"

  8. Awesome video. I'm adding it to my favs on youtube. That should send both my subscribers to it.

  9. Come on RC, give him some time. It's not like the President can just sign an order and the entire machinery of the Executive Branch just up and obeys.

    Well, except when Planned Parenthood needs its government cash flow restored, or there are doctors refusing to do abortions. But that's like important and stuff.

  10. I know, Rab, but I just figured anyone who had time to double the deficit probably had time to sign a memo to Justice. Guess not, though, what with the trip to Chicago, the new puppy, and all that. He's a busy man.

  11. Senator Bedfellow:"Ah, a farmer, a man of the earth! How ARE you? Been hard times, has it?"
    Farmer: "Nope. Doin' dandy."
    Senator Bedfellow: "Well, good. GOOD! This is a fine batch of corn you've got here!"
    Farmer: "Tain't corn. It's dope."
    Senator Bedfellow: "Beg pardon?"
    Farmer: "Here, take a few pounds home to the wife."

  12. ED 65% of Americans don't support the drug how is that most?

  13. From:

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  14. Honestly I'm not sure what Obama can do to end the drug war. How many senators support the drug war? 80-99%? How much of the American public support legalization? Only 30% (source:

    So even if a huge American minority oppose the drug war, a greater percentage support it. Everyone keeps electing anti-drug warriors to office. Most Americans who aren't involved in the drug war don't care about it - I know all my well-to-do middle class coworkers worry all about the economy instead. For a president or a senator to pursue anti-drug war efforts is to waste political capital, and to ensure that he cannot be reelected (especially to the office of the president).

    I think the drug war is bullshit too, but this is what most Americans want. We live in a democracy, and sadly the majority can and will tyrannize the minority. With a generation of Americans who have heard all that fucking drug propaganda too, it will take many years before legalization support gets big enough to affect the federal government. Right now we can only be persecuted for our victimless crimes.

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