A-Rod In Favor of "Juicing the Economy"


Naturally, A-Rod supports plans to prime the pump:

President Barack Obama picked up support for his stimulus package from an unexpected source today as Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez said that he was "totally in favor of stimulus."

"Sometimes when you have to get the job done, you need a shot in the arm," said Mr. Rodriguez at a press conference in the parking lot of Yankee Stadium.  "This stimulus sounds like it could be that injection."

The slugger, known to his fans and detractors alike as A-Rod, said that the U.S. economy may not seem very muscular at the moment, but that "juicing the economy" could change that overnight.

Read the rest, including a Michael Phelps cameo, at the fairly funny humor site of Andy Borowitz.

But can Obama be bothered to return the favor with a little love for A-Rod? No siree. When asked about A-Rod's preferred mode of stimulation last night, Obama said: "If you're a fan of Major League Baseball, I think it tarnishes an entire era to some degree."