Happy Followup on L.A.'s Bicycle Licensing Scheme


Los Angeles has discontinued its bicycle registration requirement.

Past blogging on the annoying and pointless regs, ridiculously inconvenient application of them, and the planned "civil obedience" to bring it down here.

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  1. Holy Fucking Shit.

    Liberty advanced. Nice feeling, more please.

  2. Liberty advanced. Nice feeling, more please.


    The government hereby revokes the following(a fantastically incomplete list):

    1st amendment.
    2nd amendment.
    4th amendment.
    5th amendment.
    9th amendment.

    Exclusionary rules.

    The government expands the following:

    Drug war, PATRIOT ACT, travel restrictions, Terry stops, random identification, shooting of family pets, unnecessary family members.

    The government regulates or bans or nationalizes the following

    Unhealthful foods.
    The Auto industry.

    The government, realizing that it may have overstepped its bounds, loosens or deregulates the following (this list is believed to be comprehensive and complete):

    Bicycle licensing in the city of L.A.

    That is all.

  3. Ultimately, the government will back off when the people push back to protect their freedoms.

    The people just care more about bicycle licenses than piddly things like civil liberties, torture, rampant socialism, etc.

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