Time For Some Top-Down Executive Head-Smacking, Mr. President, Regarding Medical Marijuana Raids


President Obama is on record as saying he thinks medical marijuana raids are a bad use of Justice Department resources. And his administration has just seen its first one happen today, in South Lake Tahoe, California.

Americans for Safe Access note that it's still Bush appointees in charge as of today, but:

"Whether or not this unconscionable raid on a medical marijuana provider is the fault of federal officials from the previous administration, President Obama has an opportunity to change this harmful and outdated policy," said Caren Woodson, Director of Government Affairs for Americans for Safe Access (ASA). "We are hopeful that these are the last remnants of the Bush regime and that President Obama will quickly develop a more compassionate policy toward our most vulnerable citizens."

The federal agents in that Tahoe raid stole a bunch of things, but fortunately did not kidnap and lock in a cage anyone today.

This does bring up the thing that I think gripes me the most about the mad love that so many of my progressive left/quasi-Bohemian friends and acquaintances spill over our new leader: While he's said some nice things about the medical pot issue, he is fully supportive of the general set of laws in our country by which people making choices about what to eat or smoke that cause no direct harm to anyone else–choices that for the most part the very people I am speaking of have made, are making, and/or have loved ones or family who have made or are making–are locked up in a cage. That in and of itself should be enough to disqualify him for tearful adoration, and makes it quite questionable whether he even deserves minimal respect, from genuine lovers of good ol' fashioned truth, justice, and the American Way.