Civil Liberties

Ain't That a Shame


Pat Boone, "descendant of the legendary pioneer Daniel Boone, top-selling recording artist, star of his own

hit TV series, movie star, Broadway headliner, and best-selling author," says America should be be on alert, because the hate-fueled violence we saw in Mumbai last month could happen here.  And not necessarily just from militant Islamists, but also from . . . the queers.

Have you not seen the awful similarity between what happened in Mumbai and what's happening right now in our cities?

Oh, I know the homosexual "rights" demonstrations haven't reached the same level of violence, but I'm referring to the anger, the vehemence, the total disregard for law and order and the supposed rights of their fellow citizens. I'm referring to the intolerance, the hate seething in the words, faces and actions of those who didn't get their way in a democratic election, and who proclaim loudly that they will get their way, no matter what the electorate wants!

Hate is hate, no matter where it erupts. And hate, unbridled, will eventually and inevitably boil into violence.


What troubles me so deeply, and should trouble all thinking Americans, is that there is a real, unbroken line between the jihadist savagery in Mumbai and the hedonistic, irresponsible, blindly selfish goals and tactics of our homegrown sexual jihadists. Hate is hate, no matter where it erupts. And by its very nature, if it's not held in check, it will escalate into acts vile, violent and destructive. 

I suppose that would explain all the recent news stories about roving gangs of homosexuals beating straight people to death because of their sexual preference.