Foreign Policy Mag Shocker: McCain's Got Terrible Ideas Too!


Foreign Policy doesn't think Obama is the only major party presidential candidate with some positively awful ideas–and neither do I.

Following up on yesterday's Barack-bashing, here are McCain's 10 Worst Ideas according to the foreign policy mandarins at Foreign Policy. I don't agree all are awful–I tend toward a Rothbardian "cut all taxes at any times anywhere" mentality that makes numbers 2, 3, and 7 seems just fine (even if a gas tax holiday doesn't have all the economic effects its proponents promise), but the responsible, respectable voices at Foreign Policy do tend to believe that government deserves and needs every penny it can squeeze out of us by any means necessary.

It was interesting, though it's clearly absurd, to see in number 6 McCain pretending that his foreign policy vision of eternal intervention everywhere will somehow lead to "victories" that will then lead to "savings" that can apply to deficit reduction.