The Triumphant Return of the Hopsicle


Last summer, I posted on the travails of Rustico, a great little restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia trying to get the okay from state alcohol regulators to put frozen beer on a stick on its menu.  Virginia had an old law on the books stating that alcohol must be either served in its original container or immediately after pouring.  After a year of negotiation, the "hopsicle" returned to Rustico earlier this month.  There's also now a bill pending in the state legislature cementing the legal status of the frozen treat.

I had one last night.  It was the cherry-flavored pop you see above, made from a Belgian kriek.  Very, very tasty.

Also taking effect this month in Virginia:  a bill legalizing sangria.  That drink was also banned in the commonwealth, due to a post-Prohibition law banning any drink that mixes spirits, wine, or beer.  The law technically outlawed martinis and boilermakers, too.