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The Ballad of Kathryn Johnston


Atlanta native Shawn Mullins' latest album includes a tribute to Kathryn Johnston, the 92-year-old woman slain in a botched 2006 drug raid.  Have a listen below.

reason coverage of the Johnston case here

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  1. Soul’s Core is 10 years old now? Holy crap!

  2. Not half as bad as I expected it to be, but would it have been asking too much to maybe show pictures of the victim instead of publicity shots of the band? Sheesh.

  3. Perhaps somebody with a bit more fame might take a shot at memorializing the murder of Ms. Kathryn Johnston in song.

    I’m looking at you, Mr. Dylan. That is, if you can break away from hgawking Cadillacs for a session or two.*

    * Standard Libertarian Disclaimer #4 (Yes, but category) applies.

  4. Hey, I remember that guy, from his one hit wonder hit. I even have the CD stashed away somewhere.

  5. Not half as bad as I expected it to be,

    Haha. I haven’t listened to it yet, but yeah, I too am going in with low expectations. There’s just something about political/topical songs … they rarely do it for me.

  6. I’m surprised there is very little mention of the politics aside from asking the listener to feel shame and remorse for what has happened. Give it a shot, it’s a sad song about an old lady living on the bad side of town. Not an angry song about the second amendment.

  7. The victim is oddly absent from much of it.
    Seems more like an excuse for tried and true rock riffs.

  8. Not very good. Bland.

  9. After hearing this song I think for the first time that the police was right.

  10. The Ballad of Kathryn Johnston is another favorite song from HONEYDEW album, and one to be taken seriously.
    After earshot this song I believe for the first time that the police was right.
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