Those Founding Fathers Were Some Far-Out Groovy Cats Who Definitely Passed the Acid Test, Man!


Extend the Fourth of July weekend—and trigger LSD flashbacks galore even if you've never taken the drug—by watching this totally psychedelic 1976 production from the old U.S. Information Agency of all things.

This three-minute film makes Zabriskie Point look like a drug-war episode of Dragnet and is, simply put, beyond description. I mean, how do you successfully describe a red-white-and-blue cornucopia that spits out hamburgers, TV sets, hot dogs, and baseballs to a rocking soundtrack? I just tried and failed. It's as if Fred and Barney were smoking dope rather than Winstons, for god's sake and it's groovy to the max, all thanks to the sharp of eye of Howard "Extreme" Mortman, the Augustus Owsley Stanley of the blogosphere.

So check it out, then take some hard drugs to bring you back down to Earth. It's Monday, fer chrissakes, and the start of a very important week of work.

Update: Here's the MySpace page of the animator, Vince Collins.