Another Week…


….another drug raid death.

Vincent A. Hodgkiss of Pembroke Pines, Florida, was killed on June 12 when police raided his home at 6:30am after complaints from neighbors of possible drug activity. They say an officer shot and killed Hodgkiss when he confronted them during the raid. Hodgkiss had no prior criminal record, and had a legal concealed weapons permit.

Police say they found a "felony amount" of drugs in Hodgkiss home, but have yet to say what drugs or in what quantity, or if Hodgkiss was responsible for them. The girlfriend of Hodgkin's son was arrested at the scene for misdemeanor marijuana possession.

And actually, there may be two more. A Monteagle, Tennessee, police officer was shot and killed earlier this month by a man named Kermit Bryson, who was wanted for violating his probation. Bryson had been convicted of felony marijuana possession. Bryson then killed himself after a manhunt. Friends and family are perplexed, saying Bryson was a petty drug offender, and wasn't at all the type to shoot a police officer. One friend said, "He's not a bad guy. He had to freak out in some way."

It isn't until the end of the article that we get an explanation of what may have happened:

Probation officials said the warrant was issued for Bryson because he failed drug screens and violated curfew while on probation for a 2007 felony marijuana possession charge.

Helm said the three officers approached Bryson's mobile home carefully and made their way inside. Officers often serve warrants early in the morning, expecting that suspects will be asleep.

"The officer was actually shot inside the residence," she said.

So they broke into the man's home, and woke him with an early-morning raid.