30 Years Ago in Reason

June 1978


"Scarcely a day goes by without new headlines on the decline of the dollar. In just the past 12 months it has dropped 16 percent against the Deutschemark, 20 percent against the yen, and 30 percent against the Swiss franc."
'"Robert Poole Jr., "Dodging the Falling Dollar"

"The Arkansas Supreme Court has decided that $10,000 is too high a price for the decomposed mouse that Betty McAlpin found in her half-consumed bottle of beer (Budweiser, if you're interested) and reduced the damages Anheuser-Busch must pay her to $3000. Oh yes; the House just voted to legalize homebrew."
'"Bill Birmingham, "Brickbats"

"Adam Smith has now come to Asia'"to the benefit, I might add, of its millions of inhabitants. And who knows, perhaps the success of economic freedom will spur repressive governments to loosen their grip on other areas of people's lives."
'"Alvin Rabushka, "Pockets of Free Trade in an Unfree World"