Akron, Too


In Memphis this week, it was a "terrorism sweep" that failed to catch any terrorists. In Akron, police embarked on a citywide "gun sweep" that didn't turn up any guns.

But like the authorities in Memphis, they did find plenty of other ways to stay busy:

Authorities arrested 72 people in the third night of a Gun Violence Reduction Sweep on Friday night and Saturday morning, Akron police Lt. Rick Edwards said.

Edwards said 115 charges were filed. Of those charges, five were felonies, 35 were misdemeanors and 75 warranted arrests for people with outstanding warrants, Edwards said. Of the warranted arrests, seven were felonies and 68 were misdemeanors.

Authorities also issued 88 traffic citations, including four for operating a vehicle under the influence.

During the sweep, authorities also conducted bar checks at the Bank Lounge at 1078 Kenmore Blvd., where patrons were arrested on drug charges, and at the Boulevard Lounge at 995 Kenmore Blvd., where liquor violations were issued against the liquor permit holder and several patrons were charged with drug offenses, Edwards said.

During the citywide sweep, officers confiscated 5.2 grams of crack cocaine, one-tenth of a gram of powdered cocaine, 13.1 grams of marijuana, 9 Oxycodone pills and 19 Percocet pills, Edwards said.

No guns were confiscated during the Friday-Saturday action, Edwards said.

These allegedly-regulatory "alcohol inspections" of bars that include searching patrons for drugs are becoming increasingly common.