David Horowitz: "Ron Paul…is a Disgrace"


A sign, if of nothing else, of some of the trouble Ron Paul can expect as a GOP primary candidate in 2008's presidential cycle: Right-wing fighter against campus lefties David Horowitz (author, in a previous ideological life, of a huge book excoriating U.S. cold war foreign policy from a leftist perspective, The Free World Colossus ) says in a Frontpagemag interview:

Some of my best friends are libertarians and the greatest intellectual influence on me was Hayek. However, in practical political matters, libertarians tend to live in alternate universe, without regard for the real world consequences of their actions. Ron Paul – the only Libertarian in Congress – is a disgrace. He has waged a war against America's war on terror, in lockstep with the left, and against the state of Israel, the frontline democracy in this war.