"No, They Don't Understand! We Hate Liberal Atheists!"


The mysterious citizen journalist 2x4misc got into the (oddly blue) green room at CPAC and recorded this historic, pre-Faggotgate meeting between straw poll winner Mitt Romney and comedic spinster Ann Coulter. Romney apparatchiks Barbara Comstock and Jay Sekulow work to keep the camera at bay, but they fail to protect their wooden candidate from looking like an awkward fanboy.

The most interesting exchange is Coulter's defense of Romney's Mormonism (most probably how the media covers Romney's Mormonism).

COULTER: No, they don't understand! We hate liberal atheists! You can't get these sectarian wars going with us. We're all Christians.

ROMNEY: We're not Sunni and Shia here!

Iraq civil war humor—slays 'em every time. But seriously, this is evidence that Coulter doesn't actually go to church. I've been to Baptist Bible studies where the question of whether Catholicism is a cult was heatedly debated. Romney may be doing a good job of papering over his differences with evangelical Protestants, but the differences exist.