Al Gore: Power Hungry


Is this sort of hypocrisy too cheap to meter, um, to take note of? Mmmaybe. Still, Drudge reports that Al Gore's Nashville mansion consumes more than 20 times the average amount of power for an American household.

Since Gore's whole deal is that civilization-saving absolutely and vitally requires an action on everyone's part that he seems to refuse to do himself, it leads one to wonder about how this whole global warming thing is going to play out with the public and with the government. (Unless Gore's house is powered completely or partially off a conventional coal-burning grid, which doesn't seem to be true based on Drudge's piece.)

Does Gore's seeming inability to curb his power consumption–which has apparently grown since the release of his Oscar-winning flick–mean it isn't true that we really do all have to scrupulously use less carbon-burning energy or doom the planet? No. But it does make it a little hard to believe that he really believes it–or that if even the biggest believer in global warming of all can't control himself in this regard, that a serious planetwide reduction in the short or medium term short of draconian outside controls has much hope. I'm curious as to how many anecdotes of serious behavior-change when it comes to greenhouse gas production our commenters can relate, or are living through themselves.