Lou's Blues


America's favorite floppy-jowled populist took aim at the gang at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition this week. Dobbs' reporter actually tries to deliver a straight news package. But Dobbs' of course doesn't do straight news anymore. And all this drug war capitulation talk nearly sends Lou into apoplexy. A few favorite excerpts from the broadcast:

DOBBS:…But despite the idiocy that surrounds border security, there is another idiocy rising up.

A group of law enforcement agents now say that effort is actually fueling drug trafficking and violence, and they say the answer is to end the war on drugs.


DOBBS: This idea of legalizing meth, Ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, what in the world are these people thinking about?

WIAN: Well, they say that the war on drugs has been a massive failure. That despite all the money that we've spent, the massive amount of resources, law enforcement resources and time, drugs are cheaper now than they've ever been, easier to obtain than they've ever been.

DOBBS: Right.

WIAN: More deadly than they've ever been and more addicts than we've ever had.

DOBBS: All that's true. But why in the world — you know, Casey, and you I have reported on that border. I've done reporting on that border for 30 — in that border in Mexico for more than 30 years. You and I both know that this country has never taken seriously either border security or shutting down those drug cartels. And that if we wanted to do it and we had the will to do it, we could do it, in short order.

Ah yes. Because it's only "lack of will" that's keeping us from winning this whole "drug war" deal once and for all.

Lou's closer is particularly weird:

And whether you're a libertarian, or whatever one might be, the fact is, we've got to get serious about not eating our young, which is what this nation is doing right now.

Setting aside the general creepiness of the analogy, I'd say that the wholesale feeding of young people into an unforgiving criminal justice system is a more apt description of "eating our young" than lacking the cojones to drop bunker-busters on Monterrey.

Entire transcript here .