And Here's Another Clue for You All: The Coke-Snorting, LSD-Tripping, Binge-Drinking, Pot-Puffing Walrus Was Paul


Over at 10 Zen Monkeys–really one of the best newish webzines/sites around, thinks I–RU Sirius quotes Sir Paul McCartney, not only the "cute" Beatle but possibly the most perpetually stoned, on the subject of drugs:

In today's climate, I hate to talk about drugs because it's not the same. You have someone jumping on your head the minute you say anything, so I've taken to not trying to give my point of view unless someone really very much asks for it. Because I think the "just say no" mentality is so crazed…. [People are always saying,] "No no, all drugs are bad."… I hate that unreasoned attitude. I really can't believe it's thirty years since the sixties. I find it staggering. It's like the future, the sixties, the sixties to me, it hasn't happened. I feel like the sixties are about to arrive. And we're in some sort of time warp and it's still going to happen.

More, including a timeline of McCartney's public drug use, here.