Drug Propaganda Thursday


A theme you'll often hear from our editor is how the drug war permeates damn-near every nook and cranny of American life. We get lectured on what chemicals we can and can't ingest in our schools, in magazines and newspapers, in television shows and commercials, in movies, on billboards—it's everywhere. Drug war insanity influences criminal justice policy, foreign policy, budget policy, education policy, and health care policy. While traveling over Thanksgiving, I was treated to a "Just Say No to Drugs" emblazoned on the back of an semi-trailer hauling office paper.

A guy can't even take a piss without being bombarded with the madness, thanks to the proactive drug warrioring by the janitorial suppy company Swisher. I've been meaning to snap a picture like those below for Drug Propaganda Thursday. I've just yet to have a camera handy when I'm in a public bathroom. Also, I'd guess even if I did, I'd get some weird looks if I were to actually whip out a camera in a public bathroom.

Fortunately, sex columnist Dan Savage did my dirty work for me, and posted the results below, which first appeared on the blog for the Seattle alterna-weekly, The Stranger.