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Drug Propaganda Thursday


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  1. Is that Theo?

  2. This probably would have scared me away from crack before I was say, 7.

  3. Is that Theo?

    If only the dyslexia diagnosis had come sooner.

  4. Where can I get a snake outfit like that?

  5. Man, talk about STEREOTYPING! I mean, it totally makes it look like all reptilian monsters deal crack on shady streets. I have a few reptilian friends, and they’re all upstanding, law-abiding, and well-spoken citizens. I’m ashamed for my country.

  6. Where can I get a snake outfit like that?

    They issued me one back when I tried to become a cocaine baron. Ask your neighborhood wholesaler.

  7. This is your asshole: .

    This is your asshole in prison: 0

    Any questions?

  8. What’s next? A drug warrior mongoose? The roadrunner character is already taken.

    At least this guy will only give me poison if I pay for it. The folks who really worry me are the WoD ninjas who like to throw lead around indiscriminately.

  9. I’ll get you, cocaine baron!

  10. The DEA should put this in a museum called the Eternal Crack Dealer.

  11. Wow! At least the WoD isn’t racist. or reptilist (?) either.

  12. After a moment of thought, I take back the racist comment. According to the WoD stats, crack is a problem mostly for African-Americans. If they believe their own stats, it is honest and fair of them to have some guy who escaped from some late 80s minstrel show playing the crack dealer. I stand by my belief that they are unfairly anti-reptile.

  13. Great, now I’m going to have nightmares when I take my afternoon nap.

  14. Come on Joseph, those high top fades aren’t that bad.

  15. Well, that was a Thriller!*

    *80’s pop reference intended

  16. So wait… black people turn into lizards?????

    (the guy next to my cube is black… what should I do???? I DON’T WANT TO DIE!!!!!!!!!)

  17. Jeremy, excellent post.

    Just don’t buy any crack from him. You should probably ask him if he sells it though.

  18. Cool Radley!

    Of the 800 plus taxpayer-funded ads directed at the public regarding curently illicit drugs (80% plus is directed at cannabis), you’ve highlighted one of my all-time favorite examples of vicious government-sponsored propaganda.

    Today the propaganda is directed at cannabis and other currently illegal drugs. However, with a precedent like ‘snake man’, cannot one envisage a future federal government creating the same type of propaganda campaign against currently legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco products?

    Radley, if your goal is to share with Reasonites examples of government propaganda against ‘drugs’…friend, you’ve got months and months of fodder! I look forward to reading what you identify.

    Ever higher,

    Allen St. Pierre

  19. So, is it safe to assume that David Icke supports the drug war?

  20. Holy crap! David Icke was right all along!

  21. Damn! I could almost take credit for mentioning Icke first!

  22. Well, all I have to say is GOD DAMN!

    God damn the pusher man.

  23. Can clips from Reefer Madness be expected soon?

  24. brian423,

    You had a link, so you get the real credit.

    Maybe that’s where the whole “CIA brought crack to the ghetto” thing came from with Bush 41 (a well known Reptillian) having been CIA director. The pieces are coming together nicely now.

    The director of that commerical must have been on the same shit Hunter S. Thompson was in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. “Tell me about the fucking golf shoes!”

  25. My favorite anti-drug commercial was the Rachel Leigh Cook “This is your brain on drugs” part II. Just because she’s hot.

  26. Hey Mr NORML guy,

    If I recall correctly, didn’t Cheech & Chong teach us that, while it won’t turn you into a snake, reefer will turn you into a lizard?

  27. Just because she’s hot.

    I know. It made me want to whip a fattie and light her up.

  28. None of you guys were alive in the late 80s? ( or was it the early 90s?)..I remember seeing this commercial A LOT, especially during football games.

    This is like THE G.O.A.T. anti-drug commercial. They played the shit out of this and that “I learned it from watching you dad” joint.

  29. This one reminds me of an even more blatently racist anti-drug ad from the Nixon era. The one where the jive-talkin’ voice-over is selling drugs to elementary school-age kids in a playground. The one that ends with the line “Why do you think they call it dope?”

  30. Can clips from Reefer Madness be expected soon?

    Reefer Madness was not actually government propaganda. It was an “exploitation” film, privately funded, etc.

  31. That’s too bad. I’ve wanted to see Reefer Madness but I dont particularly want to watch the whole thing.

  32. Lizards? What are you talking about?

    Now, keep your head down, THIS IS BAT COUNTRY!

  33. If your going to subject yourself to Reefer Madness, I recommend you get the edition with the Mike Nelson commentary track.

    It makes the stupid go down sooo much easier.

  34. Please tell me that as part of your anti-drug propaganda series you’ll include Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue. It’s great to get stoned to.

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