E-Cigarettes and the Law: NJOY's Craig Weiss on Proposed Regulations

“Our product is as much a cigarette as a car is an electric horse,” says Craig Weiss, CEO of e-cigarette maker NJOY. "But it’s got the word ‘cigarette' in it and it’s very hard to un-ring that bell.” 

NJOY is a leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, and is on the front lines of the regulatory fight over the new technology. (Full disclosure: NJOY is also a donor to Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes Reason TV.) Weiss recently sat down with Tracy Oppenheimer to discuss the burgeoning "vaping" industry, what's fueling the explosion of e-cigarette use, and calls to regulate the product like traditional tobacco cigarettes.

“Our policymakers in government should be making all of their decisions based on science and data, not on conjecture, not on 'Well, if it looks like a cigarette it must be a cigarette,'" argues Weiss. "That’s not data. That’s not science, and that’s not how we should be making decisions."

Produced by Tracy Oppenheimer. Camera by Zach Weissmueller.

Music by I, Cactus, “Chartreuse Cactus"

About 7 minutes.

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For more from Weiss and ReasonTV’s take on E-cigarettes, watch the ReasonTV documentary: The Truth About E-Cigarettes.

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  • sarcasmic||

    Did Lou Reed vape?

  • trshmnstr||

    he was definitely part of the vape-riarchy.

  • Outlaw||

    Because of Lou Reed, were all victims of our society's pervasive Vape Culture.

  • Raston Bot||

    Anyone else bummed you can't find the spy-head-melting scene from The Last Starfighter on youtube?

  • Bobarian||

  • Coeus||

    9 terrible things about e-cigarettes.

    Just in case anyone needed another example of how the proggies will lie through their teeth and distort scientific findings. Always in the name of more government control.

  • Major Johnson||

    "That’s not data. That’s not science, and that’s not how we should be making decisions."

    What country does this guy live in? That's exactly how we make decisions in this nation. Global warming, cholesterol, food pyramid (circle, whatever), eggs, DDT, guns, drugs, breast implants...

    Data! We don't need no stinking data!

  • PACW||

    Don't forget the evil BPA! It helps reduce chance of botulism in my soup but it's a chemical so it must be bad!

  • OneOut||

    The bad thing about vaping is that you can't bum one from someone else.

    That alone should make it illegal.

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